About Me

I love working with Google Data Studio in every aspect. Everyone says it is a free and basic tool but, I see it as a robust Business Intelligence tool with easy to access and simple.

I use only Google Data Studio

Despite having extensive knowledge of Tableau, Geckoboard etc. I would like to keep my focus on a tool; Google Data Studio. I have a clear vision and understanding of this tool's capabilities in helping your business become transparent in this way.

Loading time is super important

I know that if a report is slow, it won't be used even if provide massive insight into the business. I create an additional layer by extracting data sources daily so, you access the fastest dashboard experience that GDS can serve!

The same approach, every time!

My approach is the same and simple; put the important metrics to the topline and break down them by every logical and possible dimension. Every dashboard has the same way of use. So, you'll learn to analyse instantly once you use the first dashboard. Super short learning curve.

My toolset

The idea is to keep the structure simple as possible to minimise maintenance and documentation. Rather than bringing a custom development to the table, I'm using the following tools to bring your data into life and make your business transparent:

  • Fivetran / BigQuery (any data in it)
  • Supermetrics / Power My Analytics (40+ data sources)

I'll hear you

I deactivated my Upwork account to really focus on your business. You can purchase and let me prepare one of the pre-built dashboards or send a message to me so, we may arrange a call to discuss more your needs.

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