Apply a Filter to a Group

Apply a Filter to a Group

Adding a filter to a group

  1. Select reports which will have the same filter

  2. Click on right mouse button → "Group"

  3. On the right menu, navigate to "Filter" section

  4. Click +Add a filter


    You can also reuse an existing filter

  6. Name the filter.

  7. Select Include or Exclude. Include filters include only data that matches the expression you provide. Exclude filters remove all data that matches the expression.

  8. Select the dimension or metric by which to filter.

  9. Select the comparison operator (e.g. Equals, Contains, Greater than, **etc.**).

  10. Provide a comparison value for the expression.

  11. (Optional) To add an OR clause, click OR on the right of the condition.

  12. (Optional) To add an AND clause, click AND below the clause.

  13. Click SAVE.

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