Dashboard Building Outline

Dashboard Building Outline

Google Data Studio allows you to build beautiful dashboards for various analytics and data sources. Creating your first dashboard to step into this new world can look challenging. That's why prepared this outline as a step-by-step tutorial which we simplify your beginning.


  1. Login to your Google Data Studio with your Google account. As mentioned in the Introduction, Google Data Studio is one of the Google Marketing Platform products. Likewise Google Analytics or Google Ads, you just use your existing Google account or create a new one. Every creator must have a Google account to access, edit and share Google Data Studio Dashboards. Google Data Studio panel URL is: https://datastudio.google.com/

  2. Create a blank report. After logging into the panel, you should see a page like this;

    After this, navigate to "Create" and choose "Report" from the drop down list.

  3. Add your first data source. Please refer to the dedicated chapter for creating the first data source. Link.

  4. Add your elements. Please navigate to "All About Charts" section to proceed adding elements. Link.

  5. Add date range filter. More on this section: Date Ranges

  6. Customize design, add branding. More on this section: Formatting

  7. Share. When preparing reports with many options and metrics, one might opt for feedback from a team member, a dedicated account manager or company decision maker. The sharing capabilities makes it possible to share a link for the report and allow editing of reports. Even better, this feature lets you make changes in real-time while sharing. Your entire team can look at the same report and make changes simultaneously.

You can share as a link or download as a PDF file. More on this section: Sharing

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