6 Best Growth Tactics For Location Based Social Network Apps in 2022

6 Best Growth Tactics For Location Based Social Network Apps in 2022

We created this blog post to share the growth ideas from consumer apps to enterprise software for companies that use location-aware technology in their products or marketing.

1. Build an app for organizations

This app is for incentivizing employees to check in at different locations. For example, in the workplace, as employees receive badges after checking into a location, these digital stickers and awards can be shared on social media via your app's partner apps.

2. Have two apps

One aimed at local businesses and the other aimed at consumers. The idea is to connect local businesses with locals based on "holistic location intelligence" (where you are + what you like) vs. location alone.

3. Partner with Uber 

Partnering and integrating your platform into its service so that you could become the "check-in" button alongside a social sharing option. Both customers and drivers would love a good way to see popular venues nearby.

4. Integrate it with Facebook

Facebook's new Timeline layout provides a golden opportunity for your app. Timeline offers companies like a chance to promote their own brands and save the users time. Instead of opening three different apps, users will be able to check-in with your app from Facebook. Imagine walking into your favourite restaurant, you don't have to wait for the your app to load or go to the app store to download it. You can post on your timeline directly from the restaurant; it would all be in one place.

5. Encourage people to invite their friends to check in with them

If it can also accomplish this through a physical medium that is immediately and emotionally gratifying, all the better. Below are examples of your app-enabled integrated campaigns in New York in which the company's branding and services become almost secondary to the experience that is offered by your app itself.

6. Encourage users to front with a location-based selfie

Users take photos of themselves in environments that they love (attractions, cafes, etc.). These photos are then displayed on a feed for other users to discover. The more users who engage with your content, the more you can leverage this to attract new users

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash  

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