10 Growth Tactics For Mobile Engagement Platforms in 2022

10 Growth Tactics For Mobile Engagement Platforms in 2022

Mobile engagement platforms help forward-looking brands get closer to their customers by creating more personalized experiences. It is important for mobile engagement platforms to get high-quality leads because it's more likely to close the deal.

To get high quality leads you should go on reading below:

1. Send push notifications to users based on their friends’ actions

For example, say you notice that users frequently open the app when their friends launch an ad campaign for Grab. Knowing this relationship is crucial because it opens up opportunities for you to reach its customers organically by tapping into their social graph.

2. Make your users want to bring in their friends to use the service

But this would take many years to successfully accomplish. An alternative could be to give your users an incentive to refer their friends after they’ve already started using the product. Then, when users share their apps with others, you can help them grow, because that’s what you do best.

3. First create a reward program within your platform and award users for certain actions

Upon achieving a particular value, the user will become a part of a “VIP program” where they are granted special access to exclusive content from the brand.

4. Incentivize users to share content with friends

Such as "Hey, check out this new feature!" or "Did you see your favorite celebrity is now using our platform?", and rewards them with a discount offer after the referred friend installs the app. The brand will be benefitted from higher visibility and wider adoption of its app via a greater engagement with the customers.

5. Use push notifications to congratulate users when they do things correctly

For example, you could greet a user when they have passed a credit card challenge validating their identity, with a message that thanks them for being a confident user of their product. This message is meant to engage the user, and it also makes the product seem more valuable. By adding incentive into the conversation with extra reward points or offers, this message is meant to incentivize use of the product.

6. Create a persuasion feature

A persuasion feature is a call to action to persuade the user, for example by asking the user to sign up to the service or telling them about a new feature. The key focus of applying an engagement platform is not only attracting, but also retaining users.

7. Send customers push notifications after they take specific actions

Like buying products or signing up to the app. These customers in turn may recommend in-app purchases to their friends, in turn inviting more people to download the app.

8. Use social media influencers to grow the product around them

The idea is to select influencers in certain niches who can seed the product to their followers. Once the users start using the product, they will become buyers themselves upon which it becomes easier to grow because these new customers create a viral loop.

9. Use it to push content to a user's audience in a non-disruptive way

10. Let customers share what they are sending with their social network

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