10 Massive Growth Tactics For Mobile App Messaging Platforms in 2022

10 Massive Growth Tactics For Mobile App Messaging Platforms in 2022

Mobile messaging solutions help businesses of all sizes communicate with their customers.  By providing an open API, extensive documentation, free accounts, and user-friendly personalisation and analytics tools etc.

To grow that kind of businesses, we searched the most effective tactics. You can see them below:

1. Send new users to create an account on your web platform

If the user decides they want to sign up for push notifications, they can choose their account name and send an email verification to the address provided. This will help new users immediately begin using the product.

2. Provide more online marketing tools for businesses to incentivise new customer

We also could set up paid promotion on Google AdWord, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad platforms, which could potentially boost the growth of OneSignal over time

3. Provide value to the users

By building a collaborative platform with many users exchanging signal network. Another way is to create an existing traffic exchange network which focus more viralness for your platform. The most effective way can be adding interactivity into your application, allowing your customer interact or play with other people.

4. Offer value to the everyday users

This would require addressing the unmet needs of many. Your platform can be given away for free to people who are given great value in return.

5. See your business model as a combinatorial innovation

Can the customer create a product which is a combination of two or more your products?

6. Build a community around the product

Make the product personal and allow people to connect with other customers on an emotional level.

7. Use other marketing channels

It is for promoting the use of your platform within the marketing campaign - If your campaign is successful, you’ll have to scale your customer support resources.

8. Give out the app for free 

But have people pay an optional “pro” version that includes things like priority customer support ticket capabilities.

9. Use a referral program

It is aimed to get your users to invite other people.

10. Build an integration with Zapier

In that way you can automate the delivery of notifications.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

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