9 Great Growth Tactics For Facebook Marketing Automation Tools In 2022

9 Great Growth Tactics For Facebook Marketing Automation Tools In 2022

Facebook marketing automation tools help you optimize your mobile app's advertising. A focus on making the software easy to use, rather than technical and difficult, means you deliver on your promise of optimizing campaigns and saving time and money.

To growth this business:

1. Start a “Love Your App” contest

The contest will run for a week and engage foster user loyalty and reward users who spread the word about apps within their app. The user will be rewarded one point for every time they share their app or another user’s app via Facebook, Twitter, or email. They will also be able to earn an additional 10 points if they send friends to your app and get 1 of them to install the app. To give this viral mechanism some juice, you might also add in a leaderboard so people can see where they rank among their friends and competition; you could even add in a cash prize if we get enough signups.

2. Get more mobile apps using their platform

To do this, they need to make it easier for mobile app makers to integrate the technology. One way you could do this is by offering an API or ‘hackathon’ for mobile app companies to offer an integration with your app on specific platforms.

3. Have a free trial that requires a Facebook login to signup

By signing up, the user will see a small banner ad to invite a certain number of their friends to do the same thing. And, if those 2 friends signup as well, then the original user will have access to your app for free.

4. Use a mobile messaging platform

This messaging platform lets users message friends and family members for free with a complementary mobile app.

5. Get more users on the free plan by making it useful enough

So that they don't want to switch back to their manual process. Then get existing customers to refer friends to help them cut down on development time, while also cutting down on development cost to have a sales cycle that's longer than typical SaaS. Here's how your app helps with each part of this viral loop.

5. Give strategic partners access to strategic keywords

This is in return for sharing with their audiences when they use your app. Prospects who are searching for these keywords might be receptive to the product, creating word of mouth viral growth. This is similar to how Quora acquired users through SEO by giving select websites early access to certain keywords in exchange for links to the site.

6. Engage users in a way that incentives them to create more apps

Users can use our platform to launch apps with low cost trial periods, for example, or implement sales tactics, too.

7. Create marketing campaigns

Those campaigns promote the free version of the app by giving away free upgrades in return for leaving a review in Apple and Google’s marketplace and incentivizing employees to refer their friends and family in order to get credits.

8. Team up with a creative agency

This is for inventing creative ways to increase signups.

9. Listen in on the dialogue between people

For instance in their email client, Slack or even Facebook Messenger. You can use this information to help inform potential strategies based on the channels your target market uses most frequently. For example, perhaps they’re having a discussion about a problem they’re having with apps. Your product could then become the solution.


Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

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