10 Best Growth Tactics For Roam Rental Companies in 2022

10 Best Growth Tactics For Roam Rental Companies in 2022

This post is created to share some growth tactics with roam rental companies in 2022. 

1. Use existing communities to promote their properties and give visibility to the brand

In this example, they look at what communities exist on Instagram which can be matched up with their properties.This can be viewed as inefficient given that a lot of other companies are also renting apartments to young people across Europe. Your growth strategy will be to create a community amongst these populations so that when they're travelling around Europe, they prefer to stay in a your platform's property than rent privately from a stranger. Despite the competitive pressures, I think this strategy will work.

2. Create a waitlist reservation system for members

People want to be part of something new and exciting but they have to wait in line for it. A waitlist establishes scarcity and that drives people crazy about the idea of doing something that is in demand. The best startups fly with their own wings and you should do the same cause there are bigger problems out there you can solve. 

3. Require a connection between your platform and social media account 

You would also create a facebook group or Facebook page for the properties on the site. I then see that this group has all of the members. At this point I can now see what other properties my friends have joined. I view those properties and if some of them are interesting to me then we can decide to join together at one location.

4. Invite your customers to bring sponsors onto the platform

Your potential customers can then indirectly benefit or get discounts on your service due to referrals. Sponsors will be create an affiliate program and give commissions for every referred customer that chooses your platform. Customers will get a great place to stay and extra money on top of it! With you marketing it, you will not need much investment in marketing, as they are sure that it will spread virally - like wildfire! You may do this through an affiliate program selected by you or via an API integration with third party partners who may offer their visitors a lifetime membership to your platform

5. Offer a gift card for the next stay in any property

However, we want to go one step beyond and create an alternative that is more personal.

6. Design the smallest unit size to meet the needs of a couple

 This is a stand-alone investment that you can make should you want to. It will also give you an edge if a few of your friends or family sign up for your platform after using it for a while.

7. Offer people a one time special

Where if they refer 3 new customers, for every friend that purchases they get 1 month free. Now their friends has 6 months of free rent and you only had to pay for 5 of them. 

8. Give away an credit

 We then promote this credit to our members and allow them to choose between airbnb listings. We encourage them to give it to friends, family, or even recommended hosts on other platforms.

9. Do a Kickstarter campaign that gives discounts and subscription offers

You can have campaigns in different regions – for example, for North America only, where the offer is 50% off your first month. The other way to go is to create a referral program where people who bring in new customers get free stays.

10. Introduce a referral program

Each member is given a unique referral link after they sign up, from there on, users can refer their friends and earn cryptocurrency by referring them to the platform. The goal would be to cross-promote this new referral system across the multiple platforms that has created for its members - Telegram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook - as well as on their website. This could lead to a win-win situation where both the referrer and the referred would gain some tokens each.

Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

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