9 Growth Strategies For Venture Capital Firms in 2022

9 Growth Strategies For Venture Capital Firms in 2022

Venture capital firms invest in companies that are on the edge of science, society, and culture and, give curious founders the resources, connections, experiences they need to succeed.

For growing these businesses there are some growth strategies below:   

1. Tap into an existing network

Using the AngelList platform. Slow has preemptively curated the best startups for each of its partners to invest in. Having already identified companies that may be a good fit for Slow-like companies, networking on the AngelList platform allows partners to easily find more investments on which they can collaborate.

2. Have them feature startups on their homepage.

For whatever reason, I have found the "investors" section of your homepage to be very under-utilized.

3. Provide a public API for your business 

It is to allow developers easily access to your investment data.

4. Invite well-known and respected people in the tech industry to speak for them

For example, attendance could be contingent on the founder agreeing to start using Slack instead of email. The invitation would have a note requiring the founder to be a speaker at a future benefit event. They may also receive access to resources from either or both companies. The founders who do not participate in slow growth strategies may be left out of opportunities to develop new contacts and resources. You should take advantage of this type of leverage.

5. Make the content they produce shareable / sticky

If you created a social network around their content, I believe people would begin to share their best articles across the web which would make them more visible. If that were going on, then people would want to know what other articles will come out of your business and share those as well. Here is a viral loop idea for a site like that:

  • simply ask their existing portfolio companies to "opt-in" to receive more information about really amazing entrepreneurial opportunities every Monday, afternoon afternoon.
  • regularly send viral content to its users' email lists. Viral loops take advantage of the fact that, on social networks like Facebook, where there is strong interconnectivity amongst users, once a user begins to regularly engage with the fond, he will regularly see updates about his friends who participate in the fond as well. Thus, each time John sees an intriguing video on your business he shares it with his Facebook friends. This regularly exposes Jane and Ryan to new features of  and they begin to use its services regularly as well.

6. Recognize that investing at the center of technology

And on the edges of science, society, and culture, creates a user-network effect.

7. Find up-and-coming investment opportunities

In the augmented reality space, putting your business squarely in the middle of a technology revolution.

8. Use word-of-mouth and digital marketing

Contact the founders and other influencers you know - The first round of your business funds will be used to invest in a portfolio of companies. Once we have completed our first ... Cold email / FB message other founders you've come across Research and reach out to founders at startups Demo day attendees Connect with investors that list as interests "VC" or "venture capital"

9. Include a refer-a-friend scheme

By making it easy to share your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email, this will have the effect of adding more followers to the overall network.


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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