I have only one goal; make your business transparent in terms of data. My approach is to stay simple and effective, always.


I have a sharp focus on:

  • I'm using only Google Data Studio as the skin of the project
  • My expertise relies on only web businesses. I took responsibility on both sides (business and agency)
  • I use data connectors (Fivetran, Power My Analytics and Supermetrics) or/and BigQuery to build a data warehouse if necessary.

Finding the real outcome of a tool needs time, effort and try-learn cycles so, I may not accept any project that contains different tools than above.


If you want to build a wall then, I must provide you with bricks rather than quick fixes. So, the transformation (making your business transparent) will take time. Some examples:

  • Airlines: 2+ years
  • E-commerce: 1+ year
  • Amazon Business: 1+ year
  • TelCo: 3+ years
  • Saas: 1+ year


Here are the steps of this transformation:

  1. Working on leading and lagging KPIs with the most important departments.
  2. Review the data sources and bring the most simple and maintenance-free solution to the table.
  3. Work on the connection and dashboard and create the initial dashboards for every department.  
  4. Track their behaviours and study the effect of these dashboards on the departments.
  5. If there is no change then, work closely with stakeholders to understand the root cause. If there is traction, hear their additional requests and deliver frequently to keep the heat high.
  6. Train at least 1 person for each department.

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