NorthStar Analytics

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Step 1: Data Connection

You'll be expected to signup for either Power My Analytics or Supermetrics trial.

Step 2: Blank Dashboard

Please create a blank Google Data Studio dashboard. This must be done by yourself because you'll be the only owner of the dashboard. The ownership can't be transferred.

Step 3: Access

You should give Power My Analytics and Google Data Studio access to [email protected] account. If you signed up Supermetrics you should connect it with Google Data Studio since the trial has only a seat.

Make your business data transparent!
  • Subscribe to a package

    Subscribe and explore the limits of your business with data or thinking to expand your agency value proposition with Google Data Studio dashboards?

  • Request unlimited dashboards

    You can request as many dashbaords you might have and as many revisions as you might need. We create a queue of your tasks, the first tasks that come in are the tasks that we’ll deliver first.

  • Your Data Studio Department

    Optimise your business with complete transparency through dashboards or provide value-added Google Data Studio service to your agency clients.

Make your business transparent

The fastest easy-to-use Google Data Studio dashboards without any recurring cost.