How to Use the AI-Powered Landing Page Content Generator Google Sheet

How to Use the AI-Powered Landing Page Content Generator Google Sheet

his comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the AI-Powered Landing Page Content Generator Google Sheet, a tool that harnesses the power of GPT-3 by OpenAI to generate creative and engaging content for your landing pages.


Before you start, you'll need an OpenAI API key. If you don't have one, follow this guide to create your OpenAI API key.

Setting Up the Google Sheet

Access the Google Sheet: Open the AI-Powered Landing Page Content Generator Google Sheet. If you have been shared the document, find it in your Google Drive or click and copy the link shared with you.

Authorise the script: Running the script on the top menu will let the popup show to authorise.

Navigate to the Configuration Tab: You'll see a tab titled 'Configuration'. Click on it to open.

Enter your OpenAI API Key: In cell C2, paste your OpenAI API Key. This key is vital for interacting with OpenAI's GPT-3 model. Be careful not to share this key as it is linked to your OpenAI account.

Run the script: You'll find the function on the top menu named "NSA AI ". The below functions may or may not be changed in the future.

Generating Landing Page Content

  1. Navigate to the Landing Page Copy Tab: Head over to the tab named 'Landing Page Copy'.

Enter your Information:

  • In cell B4, write down the primary goal of your landing page.
  • In cell B8, describe your target audience.
  • In cell B12, provide a description of the product or service that your landing page will promote.
  • In cell B16, write down your unique value proposition—what sets your product or service apart from competitors.
  • In cell B20, provide the main message you want visitors to take away after visiting your landing page.
  1. Generate the Content: In the toolbar at the top of the Google Sheets, click on the menu labeled 'NSA AI'. In the dropdown, select 'Landing Page Content Generator'. The script will then generate copy for various sections of a landing page, such as the headline, subheadline, product description, call-to-action, etc.
  2. Review your Generated Content: The AI-generated content will appear in the D column. Review and make any necessary edits to ensure it aligns with your brand voice and objectives.

Tips for Effective Usage

  • Be as detailed and specific as you can when providing input information. The more specific you are, the more accurately the AI can generate content that matches your requirements.
  • Remember to review the AI-generated content. While GPT-3 is powerful, it's not infallible. Make sure the generated copy aligns with your brand voice and message.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! Feel free to play around with different inputs to see what kind of results you get.

With this AI-Powered Landing Page Content Generator, you'll be able to create engaging and compelling landing page copy in no time!