How to Optimize Tiktok Ads with Google Data Studio?

How to Optimize Tiktok Ads with Google Data Studio?

Chapter 1

What are TikTok Ads?

TikTok is a mobile video platform that focuses on shorter forms of video and allows content producers to reach a vast audience. And with TikTok Ads Manager, marketers can connect with TikTok's massive audience worldwide.

In this comprehensive guide to advertising on TikTok, we cover all you need to know to successfully develop commercials, target the appropriate demographic, and monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

TikTok seems to be a goldmine for marketers who want to push their goods in front of new consumers since the platform has 689 million worldwide active users.

But digital marketers are the ones who are most aware of this fact. Sometimes the most effective strategy is not found on the most recent and cutting-edge platform.

It would help if you refrained from participating in the competition unless you have solid evidence that the people who are most likely to become your consumers like spending time on TikTok and purchasing goods there.

The United States accounts for the app's greatest audience, reaching 120,768,500 users. The proportion of the adult population reached by TikTok advertisements in countries other than North America, particularly in the Middle East and Asia, is perhaps the fascinating aspect of the situation.

Chapter 2

What TikTok Ads Metrics should You Track?

You should avoid measuring every metric at your disposal as much as possible. Because you can't pay attention to all of them, the worst part is that specific proxy measures may force you to make incorrect judgments.

Good metrics should inform you whether you're progressing toward your objective and also assist you in improving your performance. When it comes to advertising for online stores, a good measure of the effectiveness of your campaign is:

1. Return on Ad Spend

Often known as ROAS, is a metric that indicates whether or not your advertising efforts are bringing in more money than they are costing you. You may check the following to understand how well your advertisement performs.

2. CTR(Click-through rate)

The click-through rate indicates how individuals click on your advertisements. Savannah says a click-through rate of over 1 percent is considered successful on TikTok. If your click-through rate is less than one percent, you may want to experiment with various creatives or audience segments.

3. CPC(Cost per Click)

The phrase "cost per click" means the amount of budget you spend for each time someone clicks on your ad. Moving farther down the sales funnel, you may determine whether or not your website visitors have a high level of intent to purchase by tracking:

4. Cost per Add to Cart

The cost you incur each time a customer adds an item to their shopping basket is shown by the "cost per add to cart."

5. Cost per Checkout

Each time a customer begins the checkout process, the cost incurred is referred to as the "cost per checkout began."

Chapter 3

Types & Formats of TikTok ads

1. In-feed Ads, 2. Image Ads, 3. Video Ads, 4. Spark Ads, 5. Pangle Ads, 6. Carousel Ads, 7. TikTok Ads Formats for Managed Brands

1. In-feed Ads

When you navigate you "For You" page, you'll see video advertisements interspersed throughout the user videos. These are "In-Feed Ads."

2. Image Ads

These advertisements have a picture, the firm or app name, and ad text, and they are exclusively available in the TikTok News Feed apps (Buzz Video, Top Buzz, and Babe).

3. Video Ads

TikTok and the family of news applications that are part of the TikTok ecosystem support the running of video advertisements.

They are visible in the user's "For You" stream as full-screen videos that last between five and sixty seconds.

Each advertisement consists of a video, a display picture, the name of the business or application, and ad text.

Tiktok Video Ads

4. Spark Ads

Your brand's organic content may be boosted via Spark advertisements, whether it comes from your account or other people. According to data conducted by TikTok, Spark Advertisements have a completion rate of 24 per cent higher and an engagement rate of 142 per cent greater than normal In-Feed ads.

Tiktok Spark Ads

5. Pangle Ads

Pangle is an audience network. It is solely accessible in certain locations. Please click here for the locations. Pangle is the industry's most advanced video advertising platform, providing engaging and high-performance in-app advertising solutions.

Pangle is a platform that enables advertisers to expand their customer base and grow their customer base via the usage of a huge network of mobile applications. This platform is powered by intelligent advertising technology.

Pangle allows marketers to broaden their audiences by using a variety of applications of a high standard. Through the use of innovative and engaging video advertisements, advertisers can reach a more significant number of people and applications.

These advertisements are exclusive to the News Feed applications offered by TikTok and include up to ten photos, each of which features a different captain.

Tiktok Carousel Ads

7. TikTok Ads Formats for Managed Brands

Brands that collaborate with a TikTok salesperson are known as managed brands. They may choose from a variety of ad types, including:

a. TopView ads

When users launch the TikTok app, they are presented with full-screen takeovers of video advertisements that may last anywhere from five to sixty seconds.

Tiktok Top View Ads

b. Branded Hashtag Challenge

A framework for an advertising campaign that lasts between three and six days and encourages involvement by displaying user-generated material on the page dedicated to the hashtag challenge.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

c. Branded Effects

TikTok users are encouraged to engage with your brand using customized stickers, filters, and special effects.

Chapter 4

How to start a TikTok ad campaign?

Step 1: Create the TikTok Ad Account, Step 2: Setting the TikTok Pixel, Step 3: Choose a Campaign Objective, Step 4: Create Your Ad Group, Step 5: Create Your Ads

Step 1: Create the TikTok Ad Account

To get started, you'll need to register a TikTok Ads account.

Enter your email, and pick a password on the TikTok for Business page. After that, you must click 'Send code.' After that, check your email for the verification code. Afterward, accept TikTok's terms & conditions.

Fill in the following information on the next page:

Step 1: Create the TikTok ad account
  • Country/region
  • Industry
  • Business name
  • Time Zone
  • Phone
  • Currency

Then, on the next page, click 'Register.' TikTok may take some time to authorize your business account. After receiving permission, you may enter your dashboard and begin developing your first campaign.

Step 2: Setting the TikTok Pixel

Before we start designing the first campaign, there's one thing we need to do perfectly. The TikTok pixel is set up and installed on your website.

The Pixel helps you with these;

  • Check the success of your campaign. You'll be able to see whether your promotions are attracting visitors with high-buying intent.
  • Ad delivery should be optimized and improved. For example, you can display advertising to those who are likely to convert.
  • Make your target audiences. Using data from your website, you may create retargeting audiences.

Step 3: Choose a Campaign Objective

To begin, you must decide on your campaign's goal. You have the option of selecting one of five objectives:

  • Reach: your ad will be seen by as many people as possible.
  • People are directed to a place, such as your website or app, via traffic.
  • Installs: make users download & install your program.
  • Get people to watch your videos by increasing the number of views.
  • Conversions are the actions that users perform on your website, such as completing a purchase or filling out a form.

Step 4: Create Your Ad Group

It's time to create your ad group once you've decided on your campaign goal.


You can give a name here.

b.Type of the Promotion

Next, choose a location you want your audience to visit, such as your website. Select the Pixel and event for which you wish to optimize your campaign after that.

Optimizing for 'add to cart or 'buy' is one of the best practices because you want individuals who are likely to purchase from you to see your adverts.

c.Placement & creative type

You may choose where your advertising will show on TikTok from this menu. You may choose whether to put your ad manually or automatically. TikTok will automatically display your advertising on TikTok, News Feed App Series, and Pangle, as well as other TikTok partner applications.

Alternatively, you may choose TikTok's automated creative optimization, automatically picking some of your ad combinations — including photos, videos, and text — and offering the best-performing ones.


The consumers you want to target are based on your brand and offerings. You may target your viewers based on their interests and habits in this area.

e.Create targeting for TikTok ad campaign

You don't want to keep your audiences too specialized while starting. Instead, start with a large audience (5-10 million) and then narrow it down afterward.

f.Bidding & optimization

You may tell TikTok how much you are willing to pay for a click or a purchase with this particular option. TikTok will propose a minimum bid based on your campaign parameters. Savannah advises that you follow TikTok's advice.

Step 5: Create Your Ads

It's time to make a commercial. You may upload a current ad or start from scratch using TikTok's template gallery.

  • Make TikTok content rather than an ad. Please remember that most users avoid adverts by scrolling away. As a result, it's a good idea to utilize bright colors or text on the screen to make your adverts appear like TikTok's original content.
  • Make your adverts succinct and to the point. In the initial few seconds of your video, get the most crucial point through or set the hook. It's also a good idea to keep your commercials between 9 and 15 seconds long.
  • Allow your goods to take center stage. Make your goods the focal point of the video.
  • Maintain your familiarity with the most recent developments in Tiktok trends. Participate in related activities to make your video more engaging.
  • Add trendy backdrops or transitions to TikTok challenges. You may also make money on TikTok by cooperating with influencers.
  • After that, you'll create your caption, CTA, and URL.

Chapter 5

How to Optimize Tiktok ad campaigns?

1. Begin with a wide audience in mind, 2. Double-check that your conversion event is operational, 3. To avoid ad fatigue, use different creatives

1. Begin with a wide audience in mind

One of the best methods to optimize your TikTok advertisements is to use TikTok Ads Manager. On this platform, you manage your TikTok ads, which provides a variety of targeting options (gender, age, interest, geography, etc.) to pinpoint exactly who you want to view your ads.

Create a wide audience if you don't know which target segment you want to reach with your campaign. With this option chosen, the TikTok Advertising Manager will discover the ideal target for your ads using intelligent technology.

Don't forget to filter your audience by trying various hobbies and behaviors that might be relevant to your product or service before you begin refining your campaign and limiting your target. This will help you find the people most likely to be interested in your offer.

2. Double-check that your conversion event is operational

Another tip for improving your TikTok Ads is to experiment with various conversion events. An event is a user activity we can monitor to gain information about when they see the campaign (view content, add to cart, purchase...).

We suggest you utilize the TikTok Pixel Helper to check for issues and/or implementation tips on your website after installing the Pixel.

3. To avoid ad fatigue, use different creatives

Although trial and error is typically the best way to figure out which creative technique works best in each situation, keep these four guidelines in mind to help you enhance your TikTok Ads creativity and prevent ad fatigue.

  • Create content that is unique to you.
  • Incorporate individuals into your commercials in the same way a TikTok user would in their videos.
  • Use the Boosted TikToks option to promote your content or collaborate with a producer to create content for your company.
  • Use a variety of creatives.

Chapter 6

How to use Google Data Studio to Optimize TikTok Ads performance?

While TikTok's native report gives valuable information about your campaign's effectiveness, you'll likely need to export your data to a spreadsheet or a business intelligence tool for further in-depth research.

After you've decided on the metrics you want to measure; you'll need to create a report.

While TikTok's native report gives valuable information about your campaign's effectiveness, you'll likely need to export your data to a spreadsheet or a business intelligence tool for further in-depth research.

If you're in eCommerce, you can correlate TikTok ad data with data from many other channels such as Google Analytics, and Shopify. To assist you with TikTok Ads reporting, we created various TikTok performance dashboards for Google Data Studio.

As a Northstar team, we dtvesigned several TikTok performance dashboards for Google Data Studio to help you get started with TikTok Ads reporting. Click here to check them out.

Chapter 7

How much do TikTok ads cost?

TikTok advertising work on a bidding system. Campaigns and ad groups might have daily as well as lifetime budgets to keep expenditures under control.

The following are the minimal budgets:

At the campaign level

$50USD per day budget

Budget for a lifetime: $50 USD

At the ad group level

Budget for the day: $20 USD

Budget for a lifetime: Calculated by multiplying the daily budget by the number of days planned.

TikTok is not very clear and open about ad pricing. Thankfully, Tiktok provides these suggestions below.

  • You should decide your starting campaign-level budget to "No Limit". Also, decide the daily ad group budget to at least 20x your goal cost per action if you use a Bid Cap or Cost Cap bidding approach (CPA).
  • Pick an initial budget of at least $100 or 20x your objective (CPA), whichever is more extensive, for App Event Optimization.
  • Decide a beginning budget of at least $100 or 20x your objective (CPA) for Conversions campaigns using the Lowest Cost bid technique.