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Google Ads Analyser Desktop Dashboard for Lead Generation with Estimated Value

Google Ads Analyser Desktop Dashboard for Lead Generation with Estimated Value

This is a Google Data Studio dashboard that works with Google Ads account or accounts. This dashboard visualizes raw and un-processed Google Ads data into easy to read, dynamic and smart charts and tables.

For Whom?

The Google Ads Analyser Desktop Dashboard for Lead Generation with Estimated Value is for agencies, digital marketing professionals and Google Ads experts whose goals are

  • measuring conversion with their values,
  • creating scenarios by appointing dynamic values to desired conversions, thus forecasting ROAS and revenues,
  • making an assessment of which conversion type bring more value to the business,
  • with the help of this data, generating leads with more business or monetary value.

What You Will Get?

You will get ownership of Google Ads Analyser Desktop Dashboard for Lead Generation with Estimated Value. After connecting Google Ads accounts, you can start reviewing ads performance and KPIs right away. Charts and visual elements will be dynamic and reflect all historic Google Ads data within the account you will connect.

Possible Usage

This is a unique dashboard to understand the ongoing performance of Google Ads campaigns and forecast your/your clients' ROAS.

  • As an agency, you can use this dashboard to review key metrics from Google Ads campaigns, monitor your or your team's results and lead strategy to get better ROAS.
  • You can create periodic e-mail reports in PDF format which can be delivered to your agency executives and/or clients.
  • You can create partially custom dashboards with your client's branding and sell them as an upgrade or extra service. This way, you can return your investment and include a new revenue funnel in your agency budget.

Included Dimensions and Metrics

This dashboard includes all the important dimensions and metrics, such as:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Total Spend
  • Click Thru Rate (CTR)
  • Average cost per click (CPC)
  • Conversions

Additional to these, custom KPIs tailored for lead generation, are also included. These fields are not native to Google Ads and are created with custom calculations.

  • Estimated Income
  • Estimated ROAS
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost / conversions

💡  This dashboard has a unique feature; there is a slider at the top of the dashboard called "Estimated Conversion Value". Dashboard users may change the value and this will automatically update other metrics on the dashboard.   Users may ask "what if X conversion will bring Y revenue" and the answer will be on the dashboard!

See how it works ⬇️

Estimated value working

Design and Sections

The dashboard has 2 main sections:

Topline Metrics

These scorecards are located at the top of the dashboard with their distinctive bigger numbers and dedicated boxes. These are grouped according to Financial, Account Optimisation, Website Optimisation and Joint KPI themes. Each number has a comparison value below itself to give the user a sense of progress or change.

The line chart above the number field elegantly shows changes in time and helps users to put the latest value into perspective.

Google analyzer dashboard for lead generation with estimated value - topline sample


Tables give a more detailed look at these Topline Metrics and most importantly correlate them with dimensions like campaign name, ad group name, ad id, placement and much more.

Table dimensions (date, campaign etc.) also behave like filter elements. So users can click on each line to see its values on Topline Metrics sections for better reviewing experience.

Google analyzer dashboard for lead generation with estimated value - table sample
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