Google Ads Root-cause Tree Desktop Dashboard for E-commerce

Google Ads Root-cause Tree Desktop Dashboard for E-commerce

This is a Google Data Studio dashboard that works with Google Ads account or accounts. This dashboard visualizes steps of ROAS calculation in a smart and intuitive way.

For Whom?

The Google Ads Root-cause Tree Desktop Dashboard for E-commerce is for agencies, digital marketing professionals and Google Ads experts whose goals are

  • making smart presentations to clients or executives,
  • reviewing each step which in the end affects a good or bad ROAS of your Google Ad campaigns

What You Will Get?

You will get ownership of Google Ads Root-cause Tree Desktop Dashboard for E-commerce. After connecting Google Ads accounts, you can start to review ads performance and KPIs right away. Charts and visual elements will be dynamic and reflect all historic Google Ads data within the account you will connect.

Possible Usage

This is a unique dashboard to understand the ongoing performance of Google Ads focusing on your ROAS and elements which affect your ROAS.

  • Breaking down reasons and causes which might affect a good or bad ROAS.
  • Observing changes in the values respected in the time series line chart.
  • Presenting progress or change in time, focusing on ROAS.

Included Dimensions and Metrics

This dashboard includes all the important dimensions and metrics, such as;

  • ROAS
  • Cost
  • Revenue
  • Impressions
  • Click thru rate (CTR)
  • Average cost per click (CPC)
  • Clicks
  • Purchase Rate
  • Average Value
  • Conversions
  • Cost / Purchase


This dashboard comes up with a very unique "tree layout". Arrows and placement of each scorecard give the user a very easy to ready path analysis experience. Just follow the arrows!

💡 This simple tree layout is actually a refined version of more than 5 different reports from+3 different platforms. Users will save a tremendous amount of time to achieve the same result and will be able to allocate this valuable time on developing better strategies for a better ROAS!