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Google Data Studio Table Chart

Google Data Studio Table Chart

Tables display your data in a grid of rows and columns. Each column represents a dimension or metric, while each row is one record of your data.

Tables are stapling charts of Google Data Studio. They might not look appealing or attractive compared to other charts. But they will show all the "bones" of your data and they are really useful to troubleshoot any data source related issues.

They summarize your data. Rows in the table display the summary for each unique combination of the dimensions included in the table definition. Metrics in the table is summarized according to the aggregation type for that metric (sum, average, count, etc.).

💡A Data Studio table can have up to 10 dimensions and 20 metrics.

Below you can see a basic and simple table, showing which pages in a website had how many new users and sessions.

How to add a table

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