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How to add a page to Google Data Studio?

How to add a page to Google Data Studio?

You want to add a new page to your existing Google Data Studio dashboard but you don't know how.

This blog post will explain exactly how to do it.

One of the brilliant functions of Google Data Studio is the ability to create several pages. You can consider different data sources for each page or sometimes you might want to break down elements into less number of charts to increase readability.

How to add a new page?

  1. Click on "edit" while you are in the report.
  2. In the menu, select Page > New Page.

When you want to add a new page and your report has more than one page, then:

  1. Click the Page __ of __ drop-down menu.
  2. Select ** Add a new page.**

How to navigate between pages?

Use the page navigation to jump to a specific page.

  • Note: In Edit mode, page navigation appears on the left as a drop-down menu. Navigation in View mode depends on the Navigation type property set for the report. See below.

Use the keyboard:

  • Left and right arrows, or page up and page down navigate to the next page /previous page.
  • Home and end keys navigate to the first page / last page.
  • In Edit mode, use the search box in the page list to find a page by name.

|  Note that this doesn't search for text in the report itself.

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