6 Ways to Share Your Google Data Studio Dashboard Now

6 Ways to Share Your Google Data Studio Dashboard Now

Google Data Studio's ability to share data is one of its most valuable features. For many years, we shared a copy of a spreadsheet or slide presentation, they didn't have any sync function or collaboration whatsoever.

Google Data Studio is one the tools which work on Google Cloud Platform. Users can login with their Google accounts or - if set - thru public links. These connections done online and at the same time several people might view the report with different filter options.

To share an asset, go to its details page and choose the Share option from the Share menu in the top right corner.

Option 1: Invite people to view or collaborate

Reports and data sources may be shared with a particular person or a group of individuals using Google Groups. Your Data Studio assets can only be accessed by those users or members of those groups. By enabling link sharing, you may reach a wider audience. If you don't have a Google account, anybody in your company or on the internet may examine your Data Studio assets.

💡 You must have a Google account in order to change reports or data sources.

Option 2: Schedule email delivery

An email distribution plan may be set up so that you get a PDF version of your Data Studio report from time to time.

Option 3: Download as PDF

Download a PDF copy of your report to keep a record of it. It's then possible to distribute the file by email or print, archive it on disk, or do whatever else you can do with a PDF file.

As PDF is an offline version, viewers won't be able to interact with the charts or change filters, date ranges.

Create a short URL to a Data Studio report and share it with others, or use it in web pages or any other way that links may be used. Can incorporate current settings, such as filters and time periods. Learn more about getting a report link.

Option 5: Embed a report in another site

By embedding your reports, you can tell a more complete story with your data. Any iframe-enabled website, including Google Sites, will allow you to embed. Social media networks like Reddit and Medium, which both accept oEmbed, are great places to post your articles.

Option 6: Share reports on social media

Social networking networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack as well as messaging apps like as Hangouts and iMessage make it easy to share Data Studio results with others. Make sure the report can be seen by others, then copy and paste the URL to the report in the app.