Use calculated fields in Google Data Studio

By Zekeriya Mulbay

Google Data Studio, comes with calculated fields which are here to transform, categorize, and do math with your data.

Calculated fields let you create new metrics and dimensions derived from your data. Calculated fields let you extend and transform the information flowing from your data sources and see the results in reports.

For example, you might want to get the value of total revenues. You multiply the unit price field (Price) by a quantity sold field (Qty Sold). This fields will give you value of your total revenues.

How do they work?

A calculated field is a formula that performs some action on one or more other fields in your data source. Calculated fields can perform arithmetic and math, manipulate text, date, and geographic information, and use branching logic to evaluate your data and return different results. The output of a calculated field can then be displayed for every row of data in charts that include that field. How this new data is displayed depends on how it's used.

What are the basic calculations?

You can do simple arithmetic calculations using the normal operators:

  • Addition: +
  • Subtraction: -
  • Division: /
  • Multiplication: *

You can construct a calculated field using any of the operators above in combination with static numeric values and unaggregated numeric fields from your data source. Use parentheses to force calculation order.


Below calculation will give you the ratio of count of new users to all count of all users.

Users / New Users

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