Using Community Visualizations in Google Data Studio

By Zekeriya Mulbay

Data Studio community visualizations allow anyone to build, use, and share custom visualizations in Google Data Studio. So they are charts created by third-party developers that work with your data and can be configured just like Data Studio's default charts. These elements are essentially graphs, tables and filters for data. You can mix and match visual components to create custom dashboards that work in Data Studio just like the native visual elements.

“Data Studio community visualizations allow you to create and integrate custom JavaScript components into your dashboards. You can use community visualizations to expand your chart selection, customize your report styling, or create custom components that perform advanced analysis.” - Yulan Lin (Google Developer Advocate)

How to add a community visualisation to your report

💡 Community visualizations display data from your data source. Although the community visualization can't access your data directly, you should still be sure you trust the developer of any community visualizations you add to your reports.

If you do consent; all components in the report based on the community visualization are able to show data. You can revoke your consent at any time.

If you don't consent, all components in the report based on the community visualization show only the consent request. They won't show any data.

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