Data Studio Introduction

Data Studio Introduction

What is Google Data Studio?

Before we move on with the rest of the training, let's start with a quick review of Data Studio and how it may be used to display useful data about your company.

Data Studio is one of the numerous Google Marketing Platform products that allows marketers to generate complete visual reports and dashboards based on their data.

We use Google platforms for a variety of projects, such as tracking SEO with Analytics and developing paid search ads with Ads.

To start using Google Data Studio, you will just need an internet connection and a browser.

Google Data Studio integrates with various data platforms to create more visually appealing, easy-to-use dashboards that clearly represent your goals. These dashboards are more visually appealing than those created in Analytics, and you may include additional widgets as well.

Google Data Studio's Advantages

Data Studio's main advantage is that it is incredibly user-friendly. While it may not be as powerful as some other products on the market, it is simple to understand, and Google provides numerous tutorials to assist you in creating thorough reports.

As previously said, it supports more metrics than Analytics, which is significant if you have more to say than the few widgets available on the Analytics dashboard.

You can do calculated metrics and dimensions in the same way that you can in a spreadsheet. For instance, if you want to examine the overall conversions across all of your campaigns, you may use Data Studio to develop a formula.

Blended data is the another significant advantage of Google Data Studio. Your charts will only be drawn from a single data source by default. A blended data source, on the other hand, allows you to construct charts from multiple data sources. For example, if you needed conversions from campaigns other than Google Ads, you could construct a blended data source and include Facebook conversions as well.

In addition to these, Google Data Studio dashboards have these advantages as well;

  • Interactive
  • Completely customized
  • Pre-built templates are included.
  • Free of charge (except 3rd part connectors)
  • Cloud based, easy to share


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