Top App Metrics and KPIs

Top App Metrics and KPIs

Retention Rate

For mobile marketers, retention is possibly the most critical KPI.

Churn Rate

While retention rate shows how many of your clients you keep, churn rate shows the other side of the equation, namely how many app users leave in a given period.

Monthly Active Users

Understanding how many monthly active users (MAU) you have for most apps is a terrific approach to get a broad idea of what your engaged audience looks like.

Daily Active Users

While knowing how many people use their app each month is interesting for some organizations, knowing how many people engage each day provides a view into how many highly engaged customers they have.

Daily Sessions Per Daily Active User

Once you've figured out how many people use your app every day, you can drill down even deeper to see what that daily interaction looks like.


Daily sessions per DAU provide a micro-level view of recurring user activity, but stickiness broadens that picture by including a monthly perspective.

Average Session Length

Session length is a simple KPI to track. It calculates how much time users spend on your app on average during each session.

Cost Per Acquisition

Running campaigns to attract new app users necessitates monetary expenditure, and when it comes to accounting, knowing how much is spent on each audience member that you gain is beneficial.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (LTV) assists in determining this part of the brand-client connection by examining how much value can be generated from the average user over the duration of their tenure as a customer.

Return on Investment

Knowing how much value a campaign generates in comparison to how much it costs can be a valuable and crucial tool in choosing future strategy.