Top Customer Service Metrics and KPIs

Top Customer Service Metrics and KPIs

Customer Satisfaction Score

It's a metric that gauges how people feel about your product, service, or interaction.

Customer Effort Score

CES assesses how much effort your customer used in resolving a given issue or answering a specific query.

Employee Satisfaction Score

Take periodic staff surveys, do one-on-one check-ins, and promote open communication to better understand employee happiness.

Total Tickets and Tickets Per Customer

The simplest straightforward KPI for customer care teams is the total number of support tickets submitted. You should investigate how volume changes depending on the time of day, the day of the week, or the season.

Volume by Channel

Track where your clients are contacting you so that you may manage staffing and prioritize channels that would benefit the most from technology like automation.

First Response Time

FRT, or First Reply Time, is a metric that evaluates how long it takes a company to respond to an issue.

Average Handle Time

To determine AHT, add up the whole time it takes to close a ticket, including hold / wait time, back-and-forth interaction and subsequent tasks, and post-interaction system modifications.

First Contact Resolution

Measuring first contact resolution, or whether an issue was handled in a single chat session, phone call, or email answer, is a useful measure of how well your staff is functioning.

Cost Per Resolution

Divide your overall monthly operational expense (salaries, technology, training, licenses, overhead, office supplies, etc.) by the total number of tickets to compute cost per resolution. If your group's cost per ticket is high or increasing, you'll need to search for ways to improve efficiency. This could take the shape of new training and employee performance evaluations, a requirement to examine systems such as agent desk platforms, or the adoption of new technology.

Top Topics

In addition to tracking the quantity of tickets, examining the subjects and reasons why people are reaching out allows for rigorous examination of processes, actions, and policies to ensure a great customer experience.

Consistent Resolutions

To assess consistency, utilize AI to examine how agents respond to various persons that contact them with the same question and detect differences.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) gauges customer loyalty and the likelihood that someone will suggest your organization to others.

Customer Retention

You should monitor the retention rate of your consumers who have contacted you with a problem.

Employee Turnover Rate

Employee Turnover Rate is the percentage of employees who leave an organization within a specified time period.

Top Performing Agents

You'll want to track and reward your agents that have the shortest average handle time, the greatest first contact resolution, solve a high volume of tickets, and provide high CSAT, among other things.