Top Gaming Metrics and KPIs

The average revenue per user

Knowing your average revenue per user (ARPU) is critical for developing any kind of hypothesis for future growth and planning.

The average revenue per paying user

This indicator evaluates each paying customer's profitability as well as the company's ability to generate money. Average Revenue Per Paying User is the average amount of revenue made by each paying user over a given time period.

Lifetime value

The LTV in gaming is the entire monetary value of a single customer over the course of their time playing your game. This is significant since it will tell your firm how much money it should spend on gaining a single customer.

Retention rate

Retention is an important indicator in free-to-play or subscription models since it highlights the importance of your game.

Churn rate

Churn measures how many players have left your game. Naturally, high churn is regarded negatively because you must backfill churned consumers with new users just to preserve the status quo, which affects your growth.

Conversion rate

Investors place a significant value on measuring your ability to convert free users into paying customers. Of course, a high conversion rate is advantageous. The conversion rate is the number of users who made a purchase during a given time period.