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Top E-commerce Metrics and KPIs

Top E-commerce Metrics and KPIs

New Customers

Keep track of the overall number of new visitors to your website.

Returning Customers

Keep track of the overall number of clients who return to your online store.

Unique Online Buyers

Count the number of distinct buyers who have visited your website.

New Customer on First Visit

Keep track of how many users buy things on their first visit to your site.

Items per Order

Calculate the total number of products purchased for each order.

Visits to Purchase

Calculate the average number of site visits before making a purchase.

Shopping Cart Sessions

Count the number of shopping cart sessions on your website.
Shopping Carts Abandoned Keep track of the quantity of abandoned carts by customers.

Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

Keep track of the number of shopping carts that are started vs the number of shopping carts that result in a successful order.

Coupon Conversion

Keep track of the total number of coupons redeemed by customers.

Product Views per Session

Monitor the average number of products viewed by a potential consumer throughout their visit to your online store.

Shopping Session Length

Calculate the average length of time that a single person spends on your website.

Shipping Error Rate

Keep track of the overall number of shipment errors.

Order Value

Calculate the average value of your clients' orders.

On-Time Delivery

The timeliness of your deliveries should be measured.

Financial KPIs

Revenue from Repeat Online Customers

Calculate the percentage of revenue that comes from repeat customers.

Revenue per Visitor

Calculate the total revenue earned by a single visit to your website.

Cost per Order

Calculate the average advertising expenditures associated with a single sale.

Revenue from New Visitors

Keep track of the overall amount of revenue generated by new visitors.

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