Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs

Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs

Delivery rate

Your delivery rate is the percentage of emails delivered to inboxes compared to the total number of emails sent.

Open rate

This refers to how many emails were opened out of the total number of emails distributed.

Email click throughs

The number of subscribers that clicked on content within your email is referred to as the click-through rate.

Email marketing conversion rate

If you're utilizing email marketing to advertise your offerings, looking at your conversion rate will tell you how effective it is.

Email marketing ROI

You can and should calculate the ROI of your email marketing and compare which ones are more effective.

Email bounce rate

Your email bounce rate, also known as a hard bounce rate, refers to the email addresses to which your communications will never be delivered.

Spam compliant rate

When someone receives an unwanted email from an email address they do not recognize, they will mark it as spam.

Unsubscribe rate

When a person decides they no longer want to receive emails from you, they will unsubscribe and be removed from your list.

List growth rate

Your list growth is an important KPI that you must monitor.

Email shares

This KPI also indicates how relevant your emails are as well as how engaged your audience is.