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How to freeze rows and columns in Google Sheets?

How to freeze rows and columns in Google Sheets?

If you do not use the freezing function when working with large tables, adding/removing tables or even navigating through the table will be exhausting.

Think of a table of 10 rows with 100 columns. Did you forget what you were looking at until you got to the end?

Let's take a closer look at the freeze function. In this article, we will proceed as follows:

  • Freeze Rows
  • Freeze Columns
  • Cancel the freezing process

We will do these from the menu. There is also a shortcut to do them, which you can find at the end of the article.

How to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets?

  1. Click on a cell in the first row.
  2. Come to the menu and select the view.
  3. Click on the freeze and click 'Up to row 1'.

It is done! Scroll down as much as you want, the titles are always fixed. You can also select '1 row' here. Again, this makes the first row/title fixed. We will come back to this again.

How to Freeze Columns in Google Sheets?

  1. Click on a cell in the first column.
  2. Come to the menu and select the view.
  3. Click on the freeze and click 'Up to column 1'.

It is done! It does not matter how much you scroll to the right, the first column is fixed. You can also select '1 column' here. Again, this makes the first column fixed. We will talk about this again in a moment.

What if I want to freeze Row 3 and Column 3?

Come to a cell in the row and column you selected. Then, please execute the following steps in order.

  1. Come to C3
  2. View
  3. Freeze
  4. Up to row 3
  5. Up to column C

That is it! No matter how far to the right or down you scroll, the first 3 rows and columns are frozen.

Your choices for 1 row and 2 rows don't matter here. You can even select them to freeze if you click anywhere and go to the menu.

How to Unfreeze Rows or Columns in Google Sheets?

To cancel the freezing, without clicking any cell

  1. Come to the menu,
  2. Click the freeze
  3. Select no rows for rows and no column for columns.

Now it is time for the shortcut! The gray lines at the intersection of Row 1 and Column A do our freezing in a short way. We can drag these lines to the row and column we want and perform the freezing. For Line 5, simply drop the gray line below Line 5. To cancel it, leave it back to the starting point.

That is it! Now you can navigate large tables without confusion.

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