How to sort in Google Sheets?

How to sort in Google Sheets?

Sorting data in Google Sheets helps us understanding the data better, thanks to the features such as sorting the data from largest to smallest, alphabetically sorting, and reordering the dates. We can do the glazing process in different ways. First, let's do it using the menu.

How To Sort Using The Menu?

  1. Choose the data you are interested in (except for the headers)
  2. Menu -> Data -> Sort Range

Sort operation will not be performed when 'Sort sheet' under the sort option is chosen. Please follow Data -> Sort Range then,

  • If you want from A to Z-> Sort range by column X(A to Z)
  • If you want to glaze from Z to A-> You need to select sort range by column X(Z to A).

From here, you can select 'sort range by column X(A to Z) or increase your sorting criteria by selecting 'Advanced range sorting options'.

When 'Advanced range sorting options' is selected, a new window will show up.

When 'Data has header row' is selected, headers are not included in the order. Since we only selected column C here, it showed column C for sorting. To add another column, you need to select 'Add another sort column', and add the column you want.

How To Sort With Shortcut? (With Right Click)

  1. Select the data you are interested in (except header)
  2. Right-click
  3. Sort range

The same screen appears again.

If you select the title, you need to specify it. Select 'Add another sort column' to add another column to the sort.

Here, sorting will be done according to column C first and then column B. You can change the order here in the direction we want.

How To Sort With Shortcut? (With Formula)

The syntax for the SORT function is;

=SORT(range, sort column, is_ascending, sort column2, is_ascending2..)

  1. Go to the column where the sort will be listed
  2. Type  =SORT(B2:B15,2,TRUE) and done.

It is important to check the data you have chosen here.

  • B2:B:15 ->Range of cells I want to sort
  • '2'-> I want to sort my 2nd column
  • True -> To sort alphabetically.