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How to subtract in Google Sheets?

How to subtract in Google Sheets?

It's pretty easy to do the math when working in Google Sheets thanks to the 'formulas'.  There are different ways to subtract.

Subtract in Google Sheets Using the MINUS Function

What is the syntax of the MINUS function?


  1. Go to the cell where you want to have the result
  2. Write =MINUS ()
  3. Enter which cell-to-cell operation you want in parentheses.

Please be careful about:

  • Do not forget to write “=”.
  • Do not forget to put “,” between values.

We need two values ​​for subtraction.

That's it! The subtraction was done for the first row. If you want to do this for the column, you just need to pull down the small square in the lower right corner.

Pull it down to apply it to the other rows.

Pull it to the right to apply it to the other columns.

What to pay attention to here is that we applied the same formula to the cells on the others. Each time it will subtract the last result from the cell to its left.

Subtract In Google Sheets Using A Simple Formula

  1. Go to the cell where you want to have the result.
  2. Write " = “
  3. Select the first cell you want to operate and type “-“.
  4. Then select the second cell you want to process and that's it.

Please, don't forget to write “=” and do not forget to put “-” between values.

Subtraction is completed. Pull down the small square on the right to operate in the other rows.

How to Subtract Using the Menu?

You can also access the MINUS function using the menu.

Menu -> Insert ->Function ->MINUS

That's it for the collection. You can refer to these articles for other mathematical operations.

How is the collection done?->" How to add numbers in Google Sheets?"

How is multiplication done?-> "How to multiply in Google Sheets?"

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