Top HR Metrics and KPIs

Top HR Metrics and KPIs

Ethnic Diversity Ratio

Keep track of your company's workforce diversity.

Gender Ratio

Determine your company's male-to-female employee ratio.

Span of Control

Keep track of the number of subordinates who report to a manager.


Keep track of the size of your organization or department.

Applications Received per Vacancy

Monitor the popularity of your job postings.

Signing Bonus Expense

Calculate the average size of all new hires' signing bonuses.

Recruiter to Open Requisitions Ratio

Calculate the proportion of recruiters to open employment openings.

Open Job Requisitions

Keep an eye on the number of open vacancies at your organization.

Job Offer Acceptance Rate

Determine the rate at which prospective employees accept job offers.

Cost per Hire

Calculate the cost of a single rental.