Top Retail Metrics and KPIs

Top Retail Metrics and KPIs

Store Metrics

Sales per Square Foot

This is one of the most successful and widely used retail KPIs.

Year-Over-Year Sales

Comparing quarterly sales to those of the prior year is the most popular method of tracking sales.

Average Transaction Value

This retail indicator indicates how much a consumer spends on average per visit.

Sales per Employee

The Retail Sales per Employee KPI is an excellent approach to track this.

Online vs In-Store Sales

In any case, you should keep track of how much revenue comes from each source.

Customer Retention Rate

This retail indicator measures how many customers return to your store for a second visit (or more).

Customer Satisfaction

This retail metric is frequently used in tandem with the customer retention KPI.


This retail key performance indicator applies to both traditional and online establishments.

Units per Transaction

This retail indicator is as straightforward as its name suggests: it tracks the number of things sold in a transaction.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate metric counts the number of visitors who make a purchase.

Shopper Dwell Time

The shopper-dwell-time merchandising KPI measures the amount of time each customer spends in each segment.


This is one of the most crucial retail KPIs you should be monitoring.

Sell Through

The sell-through retail metric measures the percentage of units sold in comparison to the total available units.

Inventory Turnover

Measuring inventory turnover is one technique to track your merchandising performance with a KPI.

Days of Inventory Outstanding

This retail KPI measures how long it takes for your inventory to be converted into sales.

Financial Metrics

Cost of Goods Sold

This retail performance statistic calculates the cost of acquiring or manufacturing items.

Gross Margin Return on Investment

The GMROI ratio is used to assess the profitability of your inventory.

Operating Expense

Your operational expenses include all costs related to running your business on a daily basis.

Quick Ratio

You've probably considered the go-to ratio for swiftly assessing the health of your company.

Current Ratio

Another prominent financial statistic used to assess a company's health is the current ratio.

Accounts Payable Turnover

This is a very frequent financial statistic that retail organizations use to assess their financial position in terms of cash flow.

Days Sales Outstanding

This financial KPI tracks how long it takes to collect payment following a sale.

Days Payables Outstanding

How long do you take to pay a supplier?

Cash Conversion Cycle

The CCC metric delves deeper into the nitty gritty of retail accounting and financials.

Net Profit Margin

Your net profit margin is THE most essential financial KPI for any retail or non-retail organization.