Top Sales Metrics and KPIs

Top Sales Metrics and KPIs

Sales Funnel Metrics

Selling Opportunity

Track the number of unique visitors who visit your store or website with this sales metric.

Store Conversion Rate

Use this sales metric to determine the conversion rate of your store.

Sales Opportunities

Sales efforts should be prioritized based on metrics linked with new and current opportunities.

Potential New Clients Contacted

This sales metric keeps track of how many new leads the team contacts.

Conversation to Appointment Rate

This sales indicator counts the number of interactions that result in new appointments or demonstrations.

Sales Bookings

Calculate the value of bookings for a given time period.

Adjusted Trial Rate

The adjusted trial rate sales measure is used to gauge product knowledge and interest.

Trial Accounts

Tracking trial account sales figures for a software product helps the team focused on new customers and opportunities.

Missed Sales Opportunities

Use this sales measure to keep track of missed chances.

Sales Conversion Rate

How effective is your team at converting prospects into new customers?


Sales per Rep

Assess the success of each of your sales representatives or sales teams.

Sales by Region

This sales measure is used to track regional sales.

Sales by Contact Method

This sales metric measures which contact tactics result in the highest sales and money.

Sales by Department

This sales metric can be used to track the money earned by departments within your sales organization.

Sales Orders Filled per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Track orders by full-time employee using this sales measure.

Leads Generated by Agents

This sales indicator can be used to determine how effective your representatives are at generating leads.

Department Performance Evaluation

Sales Growth

One of the most crucial sales KPIs for every firm to track is sales growth.

Sales Target

Use this sales KPI to compare your present performance against a revenue target.


Sales-to-date measures revenue metrics over a specific time period.

Sales Closing Ratio

Calculate the number of formal quotes sent vs the number of deals finalized.

Baseline Sales

To determine your baseline sales metric, subtract marketing from the equation.

Sales Cycle Duration

Use this metric to determine how long it takes to close a deal from beginning to end.

Sales Value Productivity

Use this sales metric to determine the average deal size per agent.

Unit Sales to Average Market Unit Sales

Track your entire market share using this sales KPI.

Percent Closing Ratio

This sales indicator counts the number of sales proposals that result in a sale.

First Appointment-to-Sales Ratio

Keep track of the number of sales appointments that progress to the next level of the sales funnel.

Revenue per Successful Call

The revenue generated by successful outbound calls is measured by this sales metric.

Cannibalization rate in sales and marketing

The cannibalization metric is used to guide product and revenue decisions made by sales and marketing.

Sales Force Effectiveness

To assess the performance of your team, use the Sales Force Effectiveness metric.

Sales Growth by Market Segment

Growth by segment is an important sales measure to monitor for your team.

Financial Metrics

Average Purchase Value

Using this sales measure, calculate the average sales value of each transaction.

Gross Margin Return on Investment

Calculate the total revenue earned after deducting the cost of making the sale.

Revenue to Average Market Sales Revenue Ratio

This sales KPI compares your revenue to that of your competitors.

Selling Costs to Sales Ratio

Analyze the relationship between selling costs and sales revenue using this sales metric.

Potential Revenue in the Sales Pipeline

Track revenue in your sales pipeline using this sales KPI.

Percent of Revenue from New Products

This sales indicator calculates the percentage of revenue generated by new products and services.

Revenue Gained from Top Customers

This sales KPI measures revenue generated by your top clients.

Product-Line Profitability

This sales indicator calculates the total profit generated by a certain product line.

Sales Turnover

Calculate the total value of products or services sold or delivered.

Sales Revenue per Hour

This sales indicator measures the total income generated in an hour.

% Markdown Goods

Calculate the percentage of sales for products with markdowns compared to the overall product landscape.

Average Profit Margin

The average profit made from the sale of a particular service, product, or product/service category.

Channel Margin

This sales metric is used to calculate the margin obtained across all running sales channels.

Activated New Business Value

This sales indicator calculates the total value of all new business contracts signed within a certain time period.

Time to Break Even

This sales KPI can be used to determine how long it takes to make a product, project, or organization profitable.

Product Performance

Use the product performance sales measure to identify top performers and eliminate underperforming products.

Sell-Through Rate

Track merchandise sold versus inventory stocked in a month using this sales statistic.

Promotions Conducted

This sales metric monitors the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Repeat Purchase Volume

Analyze the number of repeat clients with this sales metric.

Purchase Frequency

Use this sales metric to determine how frequently a consumer purchases.

Repurchases of Services Following Project Completion

Determine the effect of completing a project on a customer's repurchasing habit.

Other Sales Metrics

Orders Cancelled by Reason

This sales metric investigates and categorizes order cancellations.

Order Frequency

Calculate the average number of orders received for a particular time period.

Successful to Unsuccessful Tenders

This sales measure tracks the number of accepted offers.

Sales Orders Filled per unit Time

Calculate the average number of sales orders filled in a given time period.

Coupon Conversion

How efficient are your coupons in terms of increasing sales? To find out, use this sales metric.

Sales Quota Attainment

Calculate the amount of time it takes to meet a certain sales quota.