Top Social Media Metrics and KPIs

Top Social Media Metrics and KPIs

General Social Media KPIs

Followers Growth KPI

A social media dashboard can help you track your follower growth in relation to your goals.

Social Events

Monitor happenings on your social feed to encourage engagement and expand your following.

Social Traffic and Conversions

The efficiency with which social media initiatives generate website visitors and goal conversions.

Social Shares

Count the number of times your content has been shared on social media.

Social Followers

Count the amount of people who follow your account on social media networks.

Social Sentiment

Brand Equity and Brand Perceptions

Social Visits and Leads

The ability of social campaigns to drive people and leads to your website.

New Followers

How many followers do your campaigns have on social media?

Facebook Page Demographics

Recognize the demographics of your target audience.

Social Interactions

Analyze the levels of interaction in your social media initiatives.

Twitter KPIs

Twitter Engagement

Discover which tweets are the most effective in your marketing.

Twitter Followers

Determine the effectiveness of your company's Twitter account.

Facebook KPIs

Facebook Page Like

Determine the success of your company's Facebook page. People Talking About This on Facebook. Learn how people interact with your page.

Facebook Engagement

Are you interacting with your target audience on Facebook? Track your Facebook engagement metrics on a dashboard to measure the impact of your brand messaging and value.

Facebook Likes

Count the number of Facebook users who have liked your company's page.

Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Make sure your message is reaching the correct people by tracking the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns over a specific time period.

Facebook Ads: CPM and CPP

Monitor your Facebook Ads cost per impression and cost per thousand to better understand ad effectiveness and make data-driven advertising decisions.

Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach

Over the last 7 days, compare your Facebook Ads impressions and reach.

Instagram KPIs

Instagram Followers

Count the number of Instagram people who follow your account.

YouTube KPIs

YouTube Channel Subscribers

Determine the amount of YouTube accounts that are following your posts and receiving channel updates.