Top Startup Metrics and KPIs

Top Startup Metrics and KPIs

Total addressable market

The total addressable market is a key performance indicator that determines the number of clients a firm can acquire by measuring its target audience and market size.

Customer acquisition cost

A customer acquisition cost is the amount of money that a company needs spend on manufacturing, marketing, and distribution in order to get new consumers.

Customer retention rate

A customer retention rate is the percentage of customers who remain loyal to a company after a specific length of time.

Lifetime value

Lifetime value is the average amount of money that a firm may collect from a customer over the length of its existence.

CAC recovery time

CAC recovery time is a critical performance metric that determines how long it may take for a firm to profit from its customer acquisition cost.

Monthly burn

The monthly burn is a crucial performance metric that assists startups in understanding their debt and the amount of money they may lose in the first few months of operation.


Runway estimates the amount of time a startup has before running out of funds.

Profit margin

Profit margin is an important KPI since it tells a company how much money their product or service sells for depending on how much it costs to make.