10 Growth Hacks For Online Hairstylist Marketplaces in 2022

10 Growth Hacks For Online Hairstylist Marketplaces in 2022

For your online and mobile marketplace connecting independent hair stylists to clients and hair suppliers. It creates more choice for customers while giving independent hairstylists income opportunities they would not otherwise have.

1. Offer education to the hair community

By disrupting the monthly supply chain for hair extensions, you have made it easy for stylists to order each month without going without and giving up their commission. The operation is simple for a stylist - just a few clicks. However, when it comes to the quality of hair and the details behind the process of ordering hair there are many details that make this opportunity so remarkable.

2. Have a reward mechanism for users who send referrals to the network

For example, when a user - hairstylist or customer receives a referral link from another hair stylist, they will receive credits towards their next order. If the person who was sent the consumer link by the hairstylist completes an order, then both parties earn credits. This encourages more participation and engagement in yo online platform, which in turn, creates a viral loop that draws more people in to your platform's audience and marketplace.

3. Have a marketplace for hairstylists

Where they can share and purchase product. You can be in the market for funding to get a marketplace for hairstylists built.

4. Add an algorithm to your website

That rewards customers and hairstylists for posting photos of hairstyles created with your platform.

5. Offer hairstylists a commission on their sales of hair extensions

With this concept, the more extensions you sell, the more revenue thyouey will produce for yourself. This is a win-win situation because the more extensions sold by the hairstylist, the more money you will make.

6. Give back to customers who share their growth strategies with the community

Below are a few examples of how you can encourage customers to share their unique story (i.e., broadcast message) in exchange for points that can be used to redeem products or coupons.

7. Require an "investment" in hair packages for new users

As part of the onboarding process, your platform needs to require one bitcoin (or some other amount of money or resource) in hair "investment" per customer.

8. Give local salon owners the opportunity to sell your service at a discounted price

By making this discount available to stylists purchasing hair for their own salons, your platform will be able to reach more buyers and include more consumers in its network. Additionally, this strategy enables your platform to stay connected with consumers through the retail salon, leading to a higher retention rate. The key element of this opportunity should be that all access codes and any scripts for accessing the discounts will be given directly through the salon owners via information provided by your business. This will allow your team members to easily promote your products at the salon/directly from their iPads if needed.

9. Incentivize stylists to sign up for a promotional period and receive double the commission

For example, if a stylist signs up during a promotional period and receives 20% commission, their payouts are promised to be 40% at the end of the month. Not only does this create a viral loop but creates an appreciation for your  among stylists who have earned greater payouts from previous sales.

10. Use its extensive network of professional hair stylists

Once the end-user has purchased one of your product, the company might encourage feedback and 'word of mouth' by offering a promotion towards future purchases for current clients who refer effective salespersons to the business.


Photo by vahid kanani on Unsplash

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