12 Business Growth Strategies for Online Ride-Hailing Companies in 2022

12 Business Growth Strategies for Online Ride-Hailing Companies in 2022

We created this post to tell you the best growth ways for online ride-hailing companies in 2022. Let's look at them together:

1. Strong referral system

You should be able to incentivize users to advocate for the app and drive more installs. A larger incentive can be given for more effective referrals (e.g. 10 Euro for sign up, 5 Euro per driver-oriented referral). You could also promote itself through its existing partnership with GetYourGuide.

By rewarding the first referrer with a free ride or discount on your platform, you are able to create a one-sided viral loop.

That rewards the person who invites their friends or people they know to use your platform.

2. Build integrations

Examples of this are building Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, and maybe even Getaround integrations. This is an incredibly efficient way to scale a business by tapping into the high concentration of users being served by these existing platforms. The advantage of using multiple rideshare apps is that it creates a viral loop for the product - and you will likely be exposed to a much larger audience through these partnerships.

3. Partner with organizations

You can partner with CSAs, co-working spaces, third-party car companies etc. to understand their car fleet composition and usage at different times of the day. This information could be used as a base to leverage your popularity to incentivize Carpooling.

4. Have an affiliate program

It can be for drivers to share your platform(website/app etc) with their friends. So if a driver signs up new client and gets $500, he/she can share some of it with their friends via Facebook or Snapchat.

5. Gamification

Set a high minimum of friends (500+) to unlock all your services. This will encourage more signups by people who need help coming up with 500 friends.

6. Integrate with a social platform

Like Facebook or Snapchat etc. It is indisputable information for almost all businesses to find out where users may be going that they would like to have a quick car to pick up at the location. This would allow them to jump in the car immediately and grab it from the designated area.

7. Offer different payment methods

Like "Pay For My Ride" and allow users to make payments or transfer payment for a ride they pre-booked.

8. Do you like Pokemon Go?

Once the game is downloaded, someone can request a ride by locating him/herself at specific geolocation. This way the users will know where the nearest your app's vehicle is located.

9. Use a growth loop

The growth trigger which in turn might be something very simple such as a check-in. Every time the user checks in, they would receive a small reward or discount of some kind. The small reward or discount would then act as an incentive for the user to continue to use your app over other services that are more costly. This cycle can build on itself if done correctly, with users interacting more frequently with your app due to the positive feeling of using the service based on the incentives that they are receiving.

10. Be beneficial for every side

Create a ride-sharing platform that will benefit both riders and drivers. You should add a link to its app that will send an email to users when a vehicle enters their area. They can then accept the invitation from the driver to share the cost of gas when the trip is for just a short distance. The rider can also have a direct line of communication with his or her driver in case they want to do a carpool for a long-distance trip. This will not only save them money but also facilitate friendships.

11. Target the interests of millennials

Millennials are the largest living demographic in history. They are one of the most important groups to target for any company looking to generate a viral loop. If you can use the power of "Social Motion", they can create an emotionally compelling experience that will not only increase downloads but also create true brand loyalty.

12. Build a viral mechanism

Your app users get major financial incentives to drive up a positive word-of-mouth sensation for the good old product.