7 Business Growth Strategies for Subscription Box Businesses in 2022

7 Business Growth Strategies for Subscription Box Businesses in 2022

The concept of delivering a box of products isn't an innovation. Rather, it's providing a great experience for discovering, trying and purchasing all sorts of products.

If you have a subscription boxes business and want to grow it, we have some ideas to share with you. Let's have a look at them together:

1. Create a “Deal of the day”

Unlike your competitors, could tie its initial description of samples to this deal. Why? It’s a good hook to get new users to try the service.

2. Have a customer use a sample

And then have the customer decide to purchase the full-size item from you because the customer loves the sample. But that’s not really viral — one customer getting another customer. What about when an existing customer decides to tell a new customer about your business? Or better yet when an existing customer tells 10 new customers about your business, or 100? And those additional customers each tell 10 more customers? This takes you from a 2-way model to one with many more degrees of separation.

3. Focus on email marketing

In the beginning, you won’t have this; however, after just one year, you will have maybe over 100,000 sign-ups on your list. You can accomplish this by starting the early days with Facebook. People would say it was like an exclusive club that no one knew about. The benefit? Everyone wants to be part of something exclusive and feel proud to be in a group of people that are doing cool stuff.

4. Find your customers on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find your customers and stay connected with them. Also, these active conversations will give you a sense of what’s going on in the marketplace.

6. Incentives shares

If a user shares something about you, he/she can get a subscription for free. This will spread the word about your business very quickly because of the positive feedback from giving people free subscriptions. Also, this will improve the brand image of your business because more and more people will learn about its products and services.

7. Open up your community to influencers

Instead of just letting people join the community, let every member recommend a friend (or friends). Even better, if these recommendations are coming from trusted sources (influencers), it will drive a ton of traffic to the site and keep users engaged while they await their very own monthly box.

8. Q&A Community

Create a new platform for eCommerce that integrates your service. This could be a Q&A community with influencers where you prompt them to give sample-like reviews of products they enjoy or have tried.