10 Business Growth Strategies for Pet Activity Monitoring Service in 2022

10 Business Growth Strategies for Pet Activity Monitoring Service in 2022

Pet Activity Monitoring is being preferred by pet owners. Pet owners are able to figure out how their pet's health and behaviour compare to other pets anymore through vet activity monitoring.

There are some important and easy growth tactics for vet activity monitoring:

1. Design the product in a way

That ensures pet owners will share their pets' data on social media.

2. Partnership with celebrities

Another strategy is to create a partnership with celebrity pet influencers, who have strong social media followings, to create awareness of your service for example on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The third strategy is to create an “Instant Wins” contest through retail outlets where people purchase the product by using the app. This will drive sales and raise awareness for your service. Another social media/digital strategy would be to create Facebook customized ads that focus around pet health to generate sales and brand awareness.

3. Develop a referral program

In which customers are offered incentives in exchange for convincing other pet owners to buy your branded sensor. This will create positive word-of-mouth, or viral marketing techniques for your brand. The sensor tracks the pet's activity level throughout the day, and communicate this data through an app. Users communicate with other users in their dog's community, who could provide helpful tips for caring for your pet. Social media integration is also another way to make your brand more viral.

4. Pet social media

Create a platform for people and their pets to share and socialize data. The company should inspire dog owners and pet lovers to share their stats and stories on social media, create communities around your branded sensor users, and encourage people to join the community. Resources can then be devoted to showcasing top dogs within the community and their achievements.

5. “Pet of the Week”

Where people can submit photos of their dogs and get them featured on your product page. The next step is to create a video featuring the different dogs and showcase them on their homepage. For example, you can create the campaign called “Pet of the Year” and invite dog owners to submit images and videos throughout the year. This might result in building a deeper connection with its existing customers and gaining new ones.

6. Gamification

Incorporate information on how other pets are performing via social media or other available platforms to provide motivation for user action. You should also create an "interested" stage by making it fun and engaging.

7. Create a viral loop

It can be done by creating an app for smartwatches. With the smartwatch app, users can go through all the feedings & exercises that dogs performed every day.

8. Family account

As family members start tracking their pet's data on their phones, they are more likely to share their pet's activity with others via social media. After posting their pet's activity, these users are likely to receive new users invited by friends or family members already using your product. This technique has been used successfully for other social businesses such as AirBnB and Uber.

9. Collect emails

Once a user has signed up for your platform, he or she is able to set up reminders that push out content.

10. Use stories

Celebrate healthy pets through public stories. It will be a good awareness activity to celebrate the healthy pets with your product/service through public stories.