7 Business Growth Strategies for Mobile Veterinary Service in 2022

7 Business Growth Strategies for Mobile Veterinary Service in 2022

Most of house call veterinary services go to the vet owner's homes to provide the highest quality and most convenient veterinary care. There are some growth tactics for your business below:

1. Premium pet insurance

Target pet owners by offering them premium pet insurance to their YouTube followers. This will create a networking effect where people will talk about the promotion and about the company. It is important for to target YouTube users who have a large following and already work with and talk about pets and animals.

2. The power of small gifts

Send the animals home with a small gift. That will remind them of your service and their experience (Heart Rate Monitor, Doggie Blanket etc). The owners will then share their experiences and love with friends and family.

3. Referral marketing

Currently, people will refer your service to their friends and family based on personal recommendations and not through an outside source. Although there is an opportunity to expand our referral program, we think the business will benefit the most by making our existing customers feel appreciated.

Both the referred and recommending customer received a voucher. On use of this voucher, both parties would receive a free x-ray. This would make a user very loyal to the service as it is a win-win situation for the user and

4. Animal-themed Gift App

A gift is an exchange of goods between two individuals not related by blood or marriage. The gift app will help customers pick out a gift for their pet and be notified when your service will deliver the gift to its recipients.

5. Knowledge centre

Make it easy for owners to share information about your service. For example with their veterinarians and friends. This would significantly increase the likelihood of this veterinarian using your service. Conversely, you could make it easy for clients to spread the word about the service.

6. Subscription

Extend its model to pet owners by creating a subscription veterinary service. Veterinarians could be charged a monthly fee of $20-$50 per month for access to clients’ health records, basic blood work, and other diagnostic services. Currently, this type of service is too expensive for the typical client.

7. Target personas

Who already have a very strong affinity for animals as well as those likely to experience pet emergencies.