8 Business Growth Strategies for House Cleaning Services

8 Business Growth Strategies for House Cleaning Services

There are lots of house cleaning services which offer professional cleaning services at very competitive prices and perfect quality. To be able to one step ahead of your competitors you can apply the following growth ideas below:

1. Use influencers

You need to look at Instagramming blogs that are connected with the house cleaning industry. The reason why you should promote through Instagram is that there are millions of people that will be seeing their brand every day. For example, if "cleansquad500" were to post a photo on Instagram of how they cleaned their apartment using home services, this will bring business to the company. Because the post will be seen by thousands of follows which will cause them to share it with their circle of influence which would create a viral loop for your awareness. Influencers are also very loyal customers because once they have experienced your product, they want to help you grow.

2. Have the user download

And then have the user refer them to their friends. This is effective because it provides two pathways for referrals. First, the friend of the current customer would be sent an email prompting them to sign up for your service. Second, when they use your service it will send notifications inviting others to join.

3. Create a social aspect

This would allow customers (whether they are users or not), to advertise and share their experiences with your service to other individuals, grow their own network of referral customers, and give the company access to a larger customer base. With this idea, people would be more likely to sign up for your service because they can share and connect with others via Facebook and Twitter. Another example of virality is the use of apps like Trimit. Trimit assists customers in making a decision about which service provider is right for them by comparing multiple services and prices.

4. Encourage contractors to refer their friends

This can be done by offering free services for each friend referred (or discount for existing customers).

5. Focus on happy employees

When customers engage in service with your service or its affiliated companies, they should be able to talk to someone who seems genuinely happy to engage in conversation (a tactic known as the 'smile over the phone strategy), so that if they have any problems or questions, they'll be more willing to come back and speak with them again.

6. Cross-sell

Encourage multiple transactions in the space of one visit. Below are some ways in which home services can be combined with purchases, for example, in-app/on-site purchases that complement the service, or product providence or supply chain capabilities that can reduce delivery time

7. Focus on the actual users

By doing this, it will be easier to get people to refer their friends because they are already members of the service. They are already the company's target market. What works well for this strategy is creating a sense of social incentive. This would not only benefit the company in terms of making more money, but also its customers because they see how it can potentially help them in their social lives

8. Refer to more service options

Have people refer their friends get even more access to more services on their website. To do this, the company must ensure that people will use the service many times. This can be done by providing good service, which will lead to repeat business.