11 Best Business Growth Strategies on Event Ticket Sales 2022

By Zekeriya Mulbay
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Whether it's a party, fundraiser, or conference, you can make it easy to publish an event website and immediately distribute mobile tickets to your attendees.

To grow a simple and affordable mobile ticketing for events of any size, follow the tactics below and then try to implement them in your business

1. Encourage users

Support users to share ticketed events with their friends and followers. Another would be to use the Follow feature on your website to collect emails for future event updates and promotions.

2. Use a referral system

If people who buy tickets are able to invite their friends to an event, then they're much more likely to do so. By creating a referral system within, you can increase traffic exponentially as more and more attendees join the event.

3. Multi-platform engagement

In this way, if an end-user likes the app, then direct them to a landing page where delegates can find out more details about the product. If they are interested, then point them to the application store where they can purchase it directly from the application's page or through the iTunes store. This will help drive viral growth by producing at least two new customers for everyone that you refer to your website.

4. Make it funny

You can put in some humorous quips on the orders that go out to remind users of how cheeky and fun this service is.

5. Make them promoters

Your customers can refer to the service and put in a good word for it, even on social networks like Facebook. This obviously creates an instant network effect.

6. Offer free tickets to use the system

Attract users to the platform with a free promotion, such as offering a free ticket to use the system. This can be offered for a limited time, or as an ongoing bonus for signing up. New users attract existing users (renewed users) because they've chosen to trust the service.

7. Use Quora

Quora is a new social networking platform that allows users to ask and answer questions on any topic. The target market for your website will be very interested in fundraising strategies, event management, and tools, so Quora would make a perfect match.

9. Target specific groups

For example, the company can target churches, high schools and universities, cities, and neighbourhoods. These are all groups that are interested in ticket giveaways for events. Also, after an event is over, groups are more than willing to provide referrals to other groups. Organizations such as these can help increase the viral factor of Mogotix.

10. Work with influencers

Build relationships with other industry influencers and offer them special features, such as advanced ticketing, or the ability to create coupon codes. This will help you create a viral loop that helps promote your brand and foster an early adopter community.

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