4 Best Business Growth Strategies For Wine Marketplaces in 2022

By Zekeriya Mulbay
Photo by Sven Wilhelm / Unsplash

Is your marketplace all about wine? Best wine marketplaces have app that uses community data to suggest personalized wine recommendations, making it fun and easy for everyone to discover great wines.

Here are 4 best growth tips we want to share with you:

1. Use social capabilities

Play on its social capabilities. Users can review the wines they like, as well as those they do not like. When a user personally identifies another user to your app, and that user adds or reviews wine, the original user receives a portion of the revenue generated from their purchase. Another way to create a viral loop could be by offering exclusive deals that only users with certain ratings in wine recognition could receive. With this feature, you can allow users to connect with each other via Facebook and suggest personalised wine recommendations based on the mix of friends they have.

2. Create a viral loop

Allow users to upload pictures for their wines into the app and share it with their friends. The user would then receive a which gives them points that can be redeemed in the marketplace. This would create a viral loop by encouraging your consumers to share the product with their friends and social networks.

3. Allow users to share experiences

Allow wine enthusiasts the ability to record tasting notes and import them into the online wine marketplace. This would allow them to build a social network with fellow enthusiasts and create a community revolving around wine. Also, you could create an app where users can help each other filter better wines by rating them on taste, color, aroma, etc. Users can offer their wine through the website or app and help each other gain from their experience. This creates user exclusivity for those who participate in the experience and helps grow new users by becoming friends with others via the platform.

4. Focus on user engagement

Increase the percentage of existing users who are active on the platform, compared with new users registered on your marketplace. The key idea is to retain users and increase levels of engagement, creating a community where members spontaneously share recommendations and valuable content with one another. Successful strategies will focus on retention and conversion of user-profiles to deliver most value.

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