8 Business Growth Strategies for Video Marketing Platforms in 2022

8 Business Growth Strategies for Video Marketing Platforms in 2022
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Is your business about a video marketing platform for individuals, small businesses and their agencies and, allow content creators to leverage its proprietary data management platform to build custom addressable audience segments on all screens including mobile web iOS?

There are 8 growth ideas for your business below:

1. Uncover influencers

When users decide to act, they can use your platform's dashboard to track their influencer campaign and allocate budgets across campaigns, creative types and placements.

2. Generate shareable content

They must be highly visual. Describe your value proposition to social network influencers with this infographic. Another example is an interactive video that allows the audience to click on different parts of the video to see more information about the product or service.

3. Engage a blogger or influencer

The intent is to create and curate content for their site as well as on other video channels including your platform. Jacob Bank, founder of Breakr created a viral loop for his Dating App by creating fake profiles and matching people up. It worked extremely well, reaching over a million users in the first year.

4. Attract influencers

Five popular social media influencers have signed on to use your platform and are already posting video content. Instil a sense of urgency by offering limited-time discounts. For instance, you can run a promotion by a partnership and give consumers 20percent off their first purchase when they sign up through your app. The online video production platform offers thousands of royalty-free videos, motion graphics, and stock footage for use in all multimedia projects.

5. Create a social sharing story

This story needs to have all the elements of a good viral invite. An eye-catching appeal, shareable content, social validation (comments and likes), and limited availability of the “sneak peak” to create curiosity and demand. Another way is to use the video platform to drive users back to your own website via video. Video leads to more conversions than any other type of media — so why not drive traffic back to your own site where you can monetize it? Imagine what will happen if they could programmatically send users from a deal, directly into the sales team on their website.

6. Build mini-games

Users can sign up to be the first to test a new "match 3" puzzle game on their phones while viewing a video they like on Facebook.

7. Promote people

The people must use the product and have generated quality results. The best way is to target influencers in specific niches with a high level of activity. With influencer marketing, it is also possible to drive traffic from powerful social media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc. These are efficient ways to get more traffic from the viral loop.

8. Create a separate viral landing page

This page will have a clear, concise copy of the benefits of using a video hosting service like your platform. All information under the subheadings should be strong and understood clearly by those interested in viewing a video. The design goal should be to make it so inviting that viewers will not hesitate to click “Add To Basket” or “Get My Coupon” or whatever your CTA is.