8 Business Growth Strategies For Pre-Order Fashion Marketplaces in 2022

By Zekeriya Mulbay
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash
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The pre-order model for designers allows them to create and sell their work at a discount. There's no waste of products because the designs are made just-in-time, and shoppers get exclusive access to new fashion items.

Let's have a look the ideas below:

1. Find local designers

Many of local designers don't have distribution and want to increase their reach, but aren’t able to get into stores or showrooms. By working with you, these designers can use pre-orders and fast fashion technology to build their businesses and offer exclusive products at a significantly discounted price.

2. Give chance for a cancellation order

72 hours from the time of purchase to changing mind encourages shoppers to purchase now instead of putting off a purchase and missing out on great designers, unique items, and special prices. After 72 hours, the purchase is non-refundable and the item ships.

3. Use flash sales

It is a strategy that is similar to the pre-order model. Customers are limited to a specific number of purchases at a specific time period.

4. Use partnership model

Partner with a major fashion or lifestyle blogger, making sure that the blogger is wearing the designs in their blog post. This will create a massive amount of brand awareness and bring tremendous traffic to eCommerce website.

5. Have a loyalty program

Use a subscription service, to increase the viral coefficient of their business. The longer someone is part of the service, the more profitable they can be. By using the “loyalty loop” and having one-to-one communication with customers, Having loyal customers will help the fashion brand to create more content about fashion trends that these audience want to see and read about. This kind of content social media users will enjoy reading and sharing freely because it is something new and about fashion trends.

6. Care about customer feedback

Listen to feedback from consumers and then update designs and collection schedules. Customer feedback is also important for identifying which products are selling well. After the presale, you should engage with consumers through social media to drum up enthusiasm for new collections and special items.

7. Create VIP membership

Create a VIP membership program through the platform. This gives customers access to special sales, promotions and events. You can also reach out to celebrities to create exclusive lines for their platform.

8. Get customers involved

Get customers to curate looks for their social media pages and share a fashion story. This strategy could involve asking customers to take look inspiration from a certain designer or from a celebrity who is a fan of the brand. The company could also provide discount codes for favourite celebrity looks, which would encourage customers to share the brand’s products with friends on their social channels.

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