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9 Business Growth Strategies for Delivery Marketplaces in 2022
Photo by Ismael Paramo / Unsplash

9 Business Growth Strategies for Delivery Marketplaces in 2022

If you are running a large online marketplace about delivery and aiming products delivered to customers' doorsteps within 1-2 days at no extra cost, it is good to read these tips about growing your business.

Here are the most important topics about growth strategies for Delivery Marketplaces;

  • Integrate With Drop-Shipping
  • Word Of Mouth
  • Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Partnership With Marketplaces
  • Engage Customers Via Social Media
  • Build Trust And Brand Awareness
  • Offer Vouchers
  • Offer Free Products

Let's dig a little deeper below.

1. Integrate with drop-shipping

Integrate it with companies that offer drop-shipping services, enabling sellers on premium online marketplaces to attain 5-star customer experiences at a fraction of the current cost. On the other hand, Drop-shippers can use innovative automation systems to enable them to lower their overhead costs and increase the competitiveness of their overall business.

2. Word-of-mouth

A portion of the money saved by a customer thanks to could be used to incentivize these customers to spread word-of-mouth among their social network. An impactful viral loop would also encourage sellers through a referral program.

With a referral program, you can reward members for bringing in new customers. Once the referrals are made, they can be delivered to the buyer or the seller so they can satisfy their mutual goal of buying and selling products.

3. Affiliate marketing program

Build an affiliate marketing program with influencers in the marketplaces space. Influencers with large followings could promote and receive a portion of the revenue as a commission from each purchase.

Do not forget that many brands, especially Amazon, have their own affiliate strategy. Small improvements on this side will allow you to grow faster than you think.

4. Partnership with marketplaces

Partner with existing marketplaces like Amazon, allowing them to integrate your marketplace as an additional option for delivery. The notion is that if sellers on Amazon can "opt-in" to use your marketplace then customers will have the option of choosing between different vendors/prices and faster delivery times.

5. Engage customers via social media

There are many tasks your marketplace can accomplish without directly investing into customer acquisition via paid ads, including but not limited to.

7. Build trust and brand awareness

Give it as a gift with a purchase from one of the customers of the parent marketplace. This step would help build trust and brand awareness.

8. Offer vouchers

Offer sellers a value that they would want to share with other sellers. For example, a seller could offer his followers on Twitter and Facebook a $10 voucher for free delivery. The more vouchers that are shared, the more free deliveries will be available for your marketplace to offer!

9. Offer free products

free products always attract the attention of the customer. If there are no products that you can give for free among your own products, you can research one or two different products that you can distribute for free for this strategy.

This would grow interest in the service and enhance your marketplace's credibility.

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