10 Growth Steps For Coaching Platforms in 2022

10 Growth Steps For Coaching Platforms in 2022

Growth steps for coaching platforms are below:

1. Focus on the millennials

A group that is extremely receptive to corporate training and is also not shy about sharing company benefits. By leveraging skills and experiences that this segment has, your platform can create content that will be widely shared.

2. Provide incentives for users to grow the community

The community can lift the app's awareness and retention. It could potentially work with universities and companies around the world to offer a referral program that rewards current or new clients for each successful placement.

3. Partner with existing organization in the workplace

And also develop coaching modules that help employees be more productive, thus increasing company profits. This would encourage organization to invest in your platform products as part of their benefits package, thus creating a viral loop for your products and services. Aside from helping employees be more productive, you could provide coaching services geared towards higher performance, helping workforce retain top talent in the market. This may also open up the opportunity for corporate to pay extra for this additional service, which may create another viral loop for your platform.

4. Partner with the leaders of Vistage, Legatus, and Calibre

These organizations are very tightly knit and share the same ideal customers. If you can earn the opportunity to have them mention your product, your app will get a lot of traction.

5. Provide coaching relevant to key events in one's professional journey

Such as job offer, first day at the job, promotion, big presentation.

6. Teach individuals how to use its tools to help others

In return, they are invited to your platform for free coaching in their area of expertise.

7. Offer free coaching sessions

Then try to sell the option of subscribing to an enhanced monthly service with extended features. It would be extra powerful if the team also collected valuable information from users that they can use as member of their BI. For example, they could use feedback to better tailor the types of learning content or improve their overall product.

8. Partner with businesses

They can provide a referral benefit, where the business gets a kick-back for every new coaching subscription they refer.

9. Integrate with Linkedin

After integrating it, use its viral promoters to push notifications to users who install your platform. In addition, I would send a short message to current users and promote the “3 Ways to Unlearn” series on Linkedin Groups to accelerate trials.

10. Invent a chatbot that is available 24/7

Aim to provide support to users and help them debug problems. As more users get caught up in the feedback loop, community building, and peer support, they’ll see the value of using your platform.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

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