10 Growth Tactics For Interactive Fashion Search Engines in 2022

10 Growth Tactics For Interactive Fashion Search Engines in 2022

Interactive fashion search engine allows you to display highly detailed search results using simple layered filters. Growth tactics for this business are:

1. Gamify the account creation and invite more users to the platform

A simple game can be created that allow people to create an account in order to get a clothing to wear that will allow them to grow their hair to great lengths. The user can start by using the default avatar and understand how your business works. Take photos of their avatar with their avatars hair at different lengths and then share those images across social media.

2. Be a content spinner

You can curate products from other sites and provide new fashion filtered product info to those sites. Another way is to partner up with other companies that need user data.

3. Integrate it with the Amazon Alexa

This way, users can verbally search fashion and hair inspiration products using commands such as; “Alexa, blabla last fashion inspiration from nikki forgo” or “Alexa, blabla new hair products”. Users can also use voice activated devices to look for more specific items such as color schemes and trends.

4. Integrate and use your tagging system to build a leaderboard of fashion bloggers

By allowing users to follow different bloggers and get notifications when they create a new look.

5. Add in a profile page for each user

If a new user is the top rated person in any of the categories, she can receive some amount of credit or reward for this. This can build in social gamification and viral loop for your business.

6. Have content creators curate their products on your business

And promote yourself as a resource to view their content. Makers can create "lists" based on new collections, sales, or trends. This will use your business as a platform for products and retailers to raise awareness of new product announcements.

7. Build a mobile chatbot that works similar to Pinterest's "Lookbook" feature

It will allow women to create and share styles and looks with their friends!

8. Integrate with the user's social media platform on their mobile

Fashion brands can also take advantage of your platform to showcase products and sell directly to consumers. Brands can advertise directly on your platform by offering rewards that have the potential to be viral through your viral loop

9. Make it a daily habit with the same people

Some key points here are setting reminders, having a chat group that has at least 5-10 people (if not more!), and making sure the majority of the people in that group also use your platform. The good news is that there's all kinds of ways to assist with reminding people about your platform, but you need to be familiar with the platform firstt.

10. Ask users to email

You can demand from users to email their favourite look to a friend or significant other and then have them sign up for the platform.


Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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