9 Growth Hacks For Social Network Websites in 2022

9 Growth Hacks For Social Network Websites in 2022


In this blog post, you can read 9 growth hacks for visual discovery platforms in 2022.

1. Leverage "alerts"

For new or edited bookmarks, you can send an email. To take this to the next level, you can create content that's emailed to those who bookmarks it.

2. Have the best visualisation tool

On similar platforms you can easily search for a story idea and find inspiration by other people's original ideas. Most of these stories are inspired by the buyer's own life experiences or leading brands' strategies. For example, you may want to have a restful vacation in a small island near Cuba and really enjoy swimming and hiking on the beautiful island with your friends. To get the idea on other platforms, you can search for "Vacation Ideas" with the keywords "Cuba, Island" and see other people's "Vacation Ideas", like taking photos of their trip using camera phones or writing stories about their vacations on personal blogs. collected these stories and found that pictures provide more information

3. Have users share their bookmarks to their friends

This can be achieved by enabling the users to email a daily digest of their activities on the platform to their friends. The challenge for your platform would be to make it super simple and fun for the user to email these digest's. They could start with a default design template which could be either simple or fancy with daily statistics like how many bookmarks were added etc., as people are naturally quite competitive about how they perform against each other. Maybe this could become something that more than 500 million people are doing every day within a few years.

4. Ask users to repin viral content

It is known that has the highest engagement amongst all social media platforms - drives the highest engagement of any social network. Some visual discovery platforms drive more than 8X visits to retailer sites and is the 3rd highest referrer to retail sites after google search and facebook - That is 1.7 billion visits per year and 66% of all Bookmarks are repins - It takes on average 4.67 times for a visitor to a site before conversion but as we have determined very few people decide to purchase things offline without seeing them first via a query for example on Google, so we would expect values closer to 6 or 7 times in our like for like data.

5. Allow your users to create and classify all kinds of content

For example, you can allow users to create board collections for objects that catch their eyes. Since there is no expiration date on boards, the more a user adds to their boards, the more values it will accumulate. If I were to add a fun to make apple desserts to my boards, others are very likely to add my collection into their boards, followed by other people's sharing. Once my new bookmarks hit the 'popular' page on your website, they will be re-shared by thousands of curious people on the website. The bookmarks will then generated inbound backlinks for me, which will ultimately drive search traffic and conversion back to my site .

6. Use user-generated content and hashtags

The hashtag is the site's means of search and organizational structure. It's a good idea to look at how other popular platforms'  users use hashtags on their photos, then try to use similar ones. Hashtags can be used to target a specific interest group: for instance, if your business sells shoes, you can create a bookmark called #fashionbloggers wearing our shoes and bookmark it along with the tags #fashion, #shoes, and #influential people in the fashion industry.

7. Use your platform to drive traffic and grow signups for other products

You can send a large fraction of its traffic to your website or mobile app. Visual discovery platforms are the biggest sources of referral traffic for Google and Facebook.

8. Use everyone's passion points to drive the discovery.

9. Show the perspective of users

Via bookmarking their product reviews with content from their blog.


It can be summarized as follows: We need to attract new users and retain existing users in our ecosystem. This will allow us to continue to increase user growth, which will enable the perception of large volume for the platform users.


Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

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