9 Growth Tactics For Vacation Rental Websites in 2022

9 Growth Tactics For Vacation Rental Websites in 2022

Find most important growth tactics post for the platforms that allow people to rent out their properties for vacation.

By using these platforms, travellers have the chance to experience staying in different houses around the world, while it gives individuals a chance to earn money from their properties.

You can see the growth tactics for your platform in 2022:

1. Allow posting photos

Encourage users to post photos of their listings and review other listings.

2. Allow users to create profiles of their space 

These profiles could be used as a marketing and a search tool for your website. They might direct people who were searching for a space to the user's profile for your website so that they can see the actual place they are booking before committing to book it.

3. Create gamification for consumers 

Leverage consumer's goal-directed behaviour through game elements. Imagine creating a new platform: Travel, which could enable players to create their own travel courses based on location (e.g. a New York City course) and provide rewards to the top-ranked player of each course at the end of each month. With billions of people traveling, Travel could become one of the largest video games ever created - if it has the right iteration and engagement.

4. Create a scenario integrated with YouTube

For example, imagine when a host lists his/her home for rent, they can also add a 30 second video tour. Best practice dictates that the host should describe the space and walk through every area of the home (see extra space) - then offer to answer any questions that prospective guests may have about the property.

5. Have a viral sharing button for FB or Twitter

Whenever someone uses your platform, they share it on their social media networks.

6. Create a "Time Travel" campaign

The objective would be to have customers take a photo at the vacation location using your app and publish it to social media with a caption asking viewers what time period the picture was taken. This creates social proof that there are many people from different periods of time visiting and staying at private residences that are listed on your website.

7. Encourage users to invite people

Encourage current hosts to invite their friends and family to list their spaces on your website. Once there are 2 or 3 listings from any one friend, the host can encourage that friend by saying "we'll get a free night in your listing if you get 2 more people to list with us".

8. Allow travelers to book several different rooms 

The advantages of this is that travelers can easily find their lodging if they are in a foreign country or a large city and it will be cheaper, more comfortable and less lonely than staying in a hotel room by yourself. Those that stay at tour platform will be able to connect with the person that owns the unit, and hands on tips and recommendations from locals or people that have visited the area before will benefit them greatly.

9. Promote the site via Amazon's MTurk platform

Where users are paid small amounts for performing tasks. You could offer tasks where individuals relate their first platform experience and earn money in return — or spend money to promote the site without incurring any costs.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash  

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