9 Business Growth Strategies for Ad-Tech Companies in 2022

9 Business Growth Strategies for Ad-Tech Companies in 2022

Advertising technology companies can watch customers as they go about their daily routine and send them their ads at the exact moment they're looking for a product or service like theirs.

For developing their business, there are many growth tricks below in 2022:

1. Embed impressions

This is where you would add from your platform on every nook and corner of your product - In the case of a browser, the browser chrome, in the dialogue boxes, and maybe even on the black screen while it's loading.

2. Build a "free registration" website

That is linked to other more lucrative, yet static forms of advertising. With "free registration", people are more likely to put in their personal data. Plus, your ads will appear on the page and people will be more likely to click on them so long as the ad contains relevant content. The system then alerts you when someone clicks on the ad so you can then take action by sending them an email or making a phone call to convince them to buy or use your product or service..

3. Give away some digital ad space

The reason being is that each individual real-time product or service ad is customized to each product or service homepage on Facebook, Twitter, Apple and so on. Each time someone clicks your advert they are led directly to the correct product or service page.

4. Loyalty program

You'd send them this via SMS or email along with a message that says something like "Have you already given your friends a discount? Recommend us to them!". Your users can then share this code along with the message. This creates better brand loyalty and strong referral traffic and at the same time retains the revenue you generate from the purchase

5. Incentivize engagement

For instance, if a customer buys your cookies and submits the cookie via Instagram tag then they get more Coupons, rewards and points to gain more savings on their next purchase from your platform so it becomes a compulsive action because of the rewards you can earn from engaging with your product!

6. User-generated campaigns

Make your customer feel free from the traditional marketing channels. This also allows for a higher level of engagement for the content provider as well as the consumer. The platform recognizes automatically if someone is reading a news article or blog and creates an ad block with applicable products or services within the piece.

7. Use a referral or affiliate system

You can create intentional peer-to-peer sharing loops that are consumable and that reach audience members based on what they are researching, and where they are at in the sales continuum.

When one of their friend's lands on your platform through that link, and they make any purchase on the platform, you pay them $x for that sale. Another way is to offer an affiliate program to partners willing to pay top dollar for users who visit their website and go on to make a purchase on the platform. In other words, you set up a partnership with another company to say "Hey, if you send me traffic via your website and I happen to convert that user into a customer on my site (resulting in revenue), then you owe me x% of that sales".

8. Give away a free product or service

This is for inducing distributors to register with your company. This kind of strategy is fine for example if you are a church and you want to build your congregation, but it can be a little tricky for companies that need to have revenue coming in from somewhere.

9. E-commerce

Integrate your website(s) with a proven eCommerce platform to provide secure online shopping capabilities and a simple checkout process. Customers can stay on the pages of their favourite merchants, or they can click through on icons to complete a transaction.